This isn’t a how-to guide for businesses to use Twitter. Rather, it’s the latest evidence and support that if you’re not using Twitter for your business, you should be!

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo recently announced that Twitter has more than 100 million active users, half of them are logging in daily. WOW! And right now 250 million tweets are posted each day, up from 100 million per day in January. That’s some serious growth.

But so what? It’s growing. Good for Twitter. What’s it to me and my business? Well, how about these five key facts from a recent study about the relationship of Twitter and consumer behavior:

1. 60% of brand followers are likely to recommend brands to a friend

2. 50% of brand followers are likely to buy products from that brand

3. Consumers follow brands for exclusive content, promotions, and to be in the know

4. 75% of consumers on Twitter have NEVER “un-followed” a brand

5. One-third of brand followers this year are interacting with brands compared to last year


And don’t expect the growth to slow down. With Apple’s recent release of iOS 5, Twitter sign-ups have tripled and been a big boost for the company.

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