permavue comboCustom turned edge packaging solutions are our priority here at Sunrise. When we say turned edge, we are referring to the manufacturing process where we wrap, or turn a custom printed or even foil stamped material onto a durable chipboard. That’s it, simple as that. To get the idea or feel across, we sometimes reference hard cover textbooks or even the Apple/iPhone boxes- these items use the same process. Turned edge gives the look of a completely custom made product when in fact, it is quite simple at large runs (for us, that is). While we focus on manufacturing boxes and binders with this process, there other turned edge products that can greatly benefit any company in their marketing, software, and internal packaging needs. Check out Sunrise Packaging’s Permavue disc albums and folders. The turned edge cases are capable of holding one disc in a flat folder, or multiple discs in a turned edge album. Whatever media you need to store, custom turned edge manufacturing can create the perfect packaging solution with your input and creativity!

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