Greenzys is an eco-friendly children’s brand, taking going green to a whole new level. They are producing toys that are environmentally safe and educational, while also being fun. The plush toys are made from soy fibers and non-toxic dyes in socially responsible factories. The packaging these toys come in is also eco-friendly because it is made from recycled paperboard. Each character helps children learn different aspects of going green. Peat the Penguin for example, is a supporter of recycling, reusing, and reducing waste, while Yew Yew the Panda grows bamboo to prevent erosion and create oxygen.

The toy isn’t the only way Greenzys is being eco-friendly. For every toy purchased, a tree is planted. A printable digital certificate documenting the planting of the tree will allow you to cherish the moment. A portion of each purchase will also benefit the Environmental Media Association and the Arbor Day Foundation. Greenzys’ main goal is they want to promote green living and teach eco-friendly practices to children through their toys.

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