Earlier this year we shared Mashable writer, Matthias Garcia’s annual mobile marketing trends on the rise in our blog “Mobile Marketing Trends to Look for in 2012,” and one of those trends was marketing through augmented reality. This trend is already starting to make its mark in 2012 and can be seen courtesy of Bandai’s new Thundercats, Ben 10, and Power Rangers.

In this augmented reality package design, consumers who want purchase the product may use their smart phone or iPad¬† to bring the package to life via Aurasma’s augmented reality. Parents as well as kids are presented with a to-scale 3D animated image of the toy that they want to purchase. The benefit of this allows the consumer to see the product from all sides and angles without having to actually open the box.

“The toy industry is always looking for new ways to excite customers so we are thrilled to be the first partner of this pioneering 3D technology creating 21st century window shopping,” said Darrell Jones, Marketing Director at Bandai.

Martina King, Managing Director of Aurasma, expanded on Jones’ enthusiasm:

“Parents will now have to remember not to throw away the packaging which, thanks to Aurasma, looks set to become an essential part of the toy’s experience and something kids keep returning to.”

“Using new technology comes as second nature to kids today and whether using their parents’ or their own mobile phone, this imaginative partnership between Aurasma and Bandai will delight the whole family. And best of all, because Aurasma is free to download, it means that now pocket money can be stretched just that little bit further.”


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