Have you ever wondered which brands are most popular on Facebook? Famecount has a list the shows the most “liked” brands on Facebook worldwide. The keyword is “Like” here. Facebook “Likes” are supposed to have less value in the future as Facebook just launched a new metric called “Talking about”. Pages with a high “Talking about” rating are the ones with the most compelling content because the metric will measure user-initiated activity related to a page. Activities include wall postings, “Likes”, commenting, and sharing a page. Marketers have to focus on coming up with compelling content in order to get users to interact more with their pages to score higher “Talking about” ratings. So while it’s good for a brand to have a lot of “Likes”, it’s better to get consumers “Talking about” them.

Top 10 “Liked” Brands on Facebook:
1. Coca-Cola– 34,563,347
2. Starbucks– 25,490,292
3. Oreo– 23,117,266
4. Red Bull– 22,447,819
5. Converse All-Star– 20,795,216
6. Converse– 20,169,668
7. Skittles– 19,359,111
8. Playstation– 17,448,382
9. Pringles– 15,631,111
10. Victoria’s Secret– 15,365,940

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