Our manufacturing process starts with you!

When you inquire at Sunrise Packaging about your upcoming plastic thermoformed packaging needs, we will first ask for a drawing or sample. From there, we can get the specifics and start working on a prototype for your approval.

*We prefer to have a sample of your product, but a drawing will suffice.

With a custom thermoforming, Designers and Engineers enjoy a broader scope of options in relationship of detail and size in manufacturing plastic products. Utilizing custom thermoforming they can depend on thin gauge thermoforming to create parts using sheets of less than 1.5 mm thick; also they can create significantly larger parts that could need multi component assembly using other methods of plastic molding.

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Our thermoforming process allows clients to select from a variety of different textures, patterns, and finishes. While plastic molding process permits a sample to be produced rapidly and more easily than Injection molding so that production can initiate sooner.


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