Thermoformed TrayWhat are Custom Thermoformed Trays?

Thermoformed plastic trays have a strong history in the retail arena, providing a snug fit for products ranging from lipstick tubes to fine chocolates. Much like their cousins–blister packs and clamshells–thermoformed trays are created by pressing heated plastic over either a carefully-tooled template. This template is either an existing piece or one created for a specific product. The heat-molded cavities of custom thermoformed trays ensure a pristine, uniform presentation. At the same time, custom thermoformed trays can provide tight security through the use of friction fitting or straps. Outside of retail, custom thermoformed trays fill necessary roles in a variety of other markets.


Thermoformed TraysWhen to Use Plastic Trays

In retail, custom thermoformed trays can be molded to fit just about any product for boxing and stocking. Action figures with tiny accessories, fragile glass containers containing oils and ointments. Heat-molded trays can even be used for compartmentalizing food stuffs. In the marketing world, custom thermoformed trays give product launch kits the ability to include compact discs, business cards, and flash drives. This makes them a necessity in preparing kits for trade shows, conventions, or meetings. Ideal for any small objects that need to be held in place, vacuum-formed trays also work for just about any tool or product that needs some extra security.

With a variety of material options available, the best plastic for your thermoformed trays can be determined. Combined with an array of colors, textures, or velour materials, custom plastic trays can have that that upscale, luxurious look to really set a product or presentation apart.


More Benefits from Sunrise Packaging

Because of our unique facility, custom trays are available with full-contour cavities, friction fit or strapped. With our in-house heat-sealing capabilities, thermoformed trays can even be added to custom pads, magnetic cigar boxes, or turned-edge binders  for a visually-stunning package or presentation. Additionally, thermoformed trays can be fitted with “locking” mechanisms for added protection in transport. If you have a unique product, custom tooling can be easily be created from a sample item. This will save you production value in the long run.

Make Sunrise Packaging your only stop. Our packaging experts will work with you to pair your tray design with custom packaging for the full-service treatment. Contact a representative or request a quote.