What are Custom Thermoformed Clamshells?

Clamshell packaging is another solution for stocking products with or without the aid of shelf space. Made in a similar vacuum-forming process as blister packs, custom clamshells have their own skill set in the retail setting. Clamshells open much like their namesake: with a hinge. Thus, thermoformed clamshells are a one-piece packaging option, versus being heat-sealed to another separate material. This hinged, all-in-one element is what sets clamshells apart from the blister packs. An all-inclusive package design–the paperboard back is replaced with tight-fit fastening, offering a number of advantages.


Why Use Clamshell Packaging?

Clamshell packaging has most of the advantages of blister packs, including the added transparency and protection. But unlike blister packaging, clamshells are capable of holding heavier products. This makes them the superb choice for fishing lures, weights, tacks, paperclips, or anything small sold in bulk. Electronics with a length of coiled cords–ear buds, or a phone charger–can also benefit from clamshells, giving delicate wires room to breathe without sacrificing security.

Additionally, clamshell packaging boasts all the visual advantages of blister packs but with an added perk. That all-in-one detail can mean more of your product is visible, offering a full range view often without sacrificing the custom contours. In fact, this element also makes clamshell packaging more tamper-proof than blister packs. The hinges of clamshell packaging can add stockability when peg boards aren’t available–something you won’t get from blister packaging. The perfect option for heavier, higher-value products, or any product in need of an extra layer of protection.


More Benefits

Sunrise Packaging is a full-service packaging facility. With a range of materials to choose from, we can ensure your packaging is best suited to your specific product. A variety of standard styles means a great value and fast turnaround on orders. With the added luxury of a paperboard insert, with 4-color printing capabilities, your custom clamshell packaging can get the best of both worlds. Contact one of our experienced packaging experts today, or request a quote.

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