Custom Thermoformed Trays & Clamshells Packaging

Custom thermoformed packaging starts with a plastic sheet heated to a pliable forming temperature. It is then formed in a mold, and trimmed to create a usable product. Various plastic gauges and grades mean an endless array of thermoformed packaging options.

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Thermoformend trays for the health and beauty products.

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Custom Thermoformed Trays

Our thermoformed trays are precision-formed to create a secure package that is perfect for protecting your products. Thermoformed trays are a popular choice in the medical industry to hold small tools.

In-house heat sealing can combine your unique thermoformed plastic tray with a turned-edge binder, or even inside of a cigar-style box.

As with all of our thermoformed packaging products, if you supply us with a sample of the item, we can quote your project with ease.

Trays that come in folder or binder layout can be made with locking mechanisms to ensure product safety during transport. The most common uses of our thermoformed plastic trays hold discs, literature, USB flash drives.

We design Trays to meet customer requirements ranging from:

  • Custom thermoformed trays of single or multi-cavity with full custom contoured cavities

  • Thermoformed plastic trays with specific functionality to hold items with a shaped cavity, a friction fit, an under-cut or separate strap

  • A thermoformed tray made of colored, textured or velour materials to support up-scale branding

  • Thermoformed plastic trays that serve as work-in-process handling trays within a plant or for shipment to another plant

  • Sophisticated thermoformed plastic trays that are the frame for mechanical, electronic and medical devices

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Work with us to pair your customized Tray with  External Packaging designed by us.


Custom Thermoformed Clamshells

Looking for custom made thermoformed clamshells? We create clam shells based on the design and/or requirements you provide us, and offer high quality and quick ETAs for affordable prices. Contact us and discuss your requirements if you want durable clamshells with 4 color designs.

Plastic thermoformed clamshells are an excellent and widely used solution for applications that range from general merchandise packaging to high-performance medical packaging and electronics packaging.

Much like the blister pack, plastic thermoformed clamshells are easy to customize with a printed insert that we can provide with our 4 color process printing capabilities. We create secure, tamper proof clamshell packaging suitable for retail applications.