Plastic Packaging Markets


custom thermoformed trays, clamshells, and blister packaging for medical markets

Medical markets require devices which come in a variety of unique shapes and sizes depending on its purpose. While all packaging benefits from a custom, upscale design, products in medical markets require an extra level of protection, specification, and organization that thermoformed plastic trays provide. Life-saving tools and equipment require cleanliness and compartmentalization. From shipping and storage, to providing details about use, custom packaging can prove vital to medical markets.

Thermoformed blister packs, clamshells, and trays can be designed to hold medical devices from small parts to larger applications. Thermoformed plastic packaging has the ability to hold parts securely in place as well as provide external protection. Sunrise Packaging is committed to serving the medical industry with quality, custom thermoformed plastic packaging. Using our in-house tooling capabilities, we are able to create a mold specific to a variety of devices used by modern medical markets.


Post Consumer Markets

The growing trend of sustainability has an effect on all markets. As a packaging manufacturer, Sunrise Packaging tries to find the best ways to provide quality plastic  packaging solutions with the environment in mind. Thermoformed plastic packaging can offer sustainable alternatives that traditional packaging methods cannot.

Sunrise Packaging offers recycled and recyclable materials that meets the needs for eco-conscious consumers. Whatever the product or service, we are always improving our process and product line to meet the needs of end users as well as distributors of consumer goods.


custom thermoformed plastic packaging for electronic retail markets

The delicate nature of microchips, wires, cables, and screens requires custom thermoformed clamshells. The space and durability of a blister packaging adds to the already strong market presence that the transparency of molded plastic offers. Consumers need to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that a product is compatible with the components they already own, and often times being able to see the actual product is the deciding factor.

Additionally, thermoformed plastic packaging is a go-to for electronic markets especially for on-the-shelf retail. Packaging dimensions can be designed to fit any electronic product. A secure thermoformed package is tamper-proof, making it the perfect fit for valuable products in high-volume stores. Any plastic packaging including thermoformed clamshells, blister packs or detailed trays will hold both small parts as well as larger items.



sustainable post consumer packaging

Retail-Ready Packaging is not only the biggest buzzword in custom packaging today, it’s also a necessary component to any package going to market. A product needs to be properly secured, easily identifiable, attractive, and shelf-ready. This not only benefits the guest, but whomever is stocking your product. All stores are different, and custom thermoformed trays offer security to items as they are being shelved. Clamshell packaging can also stand on its own on the shelf without a peg, and deters tampering.

Without the combined efforts of corrugated cardboard and thermoformed trays, blister packs, and clamshells, a strong retail presence is almost impossible. Custom packaging elements add durability, functionality, and luxury to any product or presentation. Sunrise Packaging’s manufacturing facility is fully-stocked and capable of customizing thermoformed plastics to any packaging project, offering you retail ready packaging with the personalization of luxury packaging.



Thermoformed trays and compartments are not just for packaging and reselling products. The manufacturing industry uses vacuum-formed trays in bulk for sorting and separating materials. Uniform plastic trays and compartments are essential to an industrial markets with screws, gauges, and other small components specific to a machine or product.

Different sizes of nails, drill bits, and other assorted tools that can become clutter in a garage must be carefully arranged and kept separate for devices to function safely. Thermoformed trays, clamshells, and blister packs provided by Sunrise Packaging keep precise tips secure, sharp, and accurate.