This March, we will be launching a stock clamshell program in order to provide a hassle-free, economical packaging solution for our customers that need high-quality plastic clamshells. By keeping a stock collection available, we drastically cut down your lead time and eliminate the cost of tooling. Available online starting March 1st, 2014 we offer a variety of 7 different shape/size plastic clamshells. Each item is made from recycled PET, so retailers can feel confident in an eco-conscious decision. Unlike other clamshell packages, these products are easy-to-open (one of the most important features in retail packaging). Clear plastic clamshells are thermoformed to offer security and display simultaneously! Here are a few photos of the clamshells that will be available for purchase online. To view them on our online store, simply visit and visit the Plastic Clamshells category! Keep an eye out….there may be an introductory special right around the corner.

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