Introducing Rescue Water. The newest functional beverage that serves additional purposes other than simply quenching your thirst. Produced by AriZona Beverage Company, Rescue Water is a flavored water intended to help increase the rate of fluid replacement and balance nutrient absorption in the body. The beverage is marketed to active people and comes in four different flavors that feature AriZona’s classic green tea extract for an antioxidant boost. The water is made with no preservatives and no artificial colors and is sweetened with a natural sweetener derived from Stevia Plants.

For packaging, Rescue Water required a bottle that can withstand the high temperatures and pressures of processing. The 20.5 ounce PET bottles feature Constar’s X4™ technology, in which the panel-free design imparts a robust, in-hand feel similar to glass. The breakthrough technology also optimizes manufacturing during the hot fill labeling processes. The high-tech geometry of the bottles with the X4™ technology allows the vacuum hot-filling process to take place in the base of the bottle leaving the sides rigid and smooth giving the bottle a similar feel to glass.

The bottles also contain Constar’s DiamondClear technology which is blended throughout the PET giving a crystal clarity to the bottle while aiming to protect the freshness, flavor, and color of the beverage inside.

The Rescue Water bottle is also a sustainable packaging solution. PET bottles with X4™ technology are recyclable using the 1-PETE code and are BPA free. Accepted by curbside recycling programs, used PET containers can be recycled into a host of new products such as packaging, sleeping bags, clothing, and tires.

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