The ketchup packet, stuck so long in it’s inconvenient form that it seemed destined to remain that way.  You know the issues, hard to open, hard to dunk, certainly not kid friendly.  To top it off there’s never enough ketchup in one packet so you have to repeat the process.  This causes a repeat of the prior issues.  Well after all this Heinz, the company that literally turned our ketchup bottle upside down, has now reinvented the packet.  For this we are forever grateful.  The new and improved ketchup packet seems to cover it all.  It offers more ketchup, more kid-friendly, a dunk side, and a squeeze side. Heinz even made it more closely match their grocery store product line in terms of shape and color.  It’s clearly labeled making it easy to open and understand. The product is currently being tried in test markets.  I’m excited for it to take it’s rightful place in the fast food industry.

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