There is some confusion out there about the spelling of Blu-ray. Is it Blueray? How about Blue-ray? Blu-ray?

It was a choice made by the Blu-ray disc association to remove the “e” from blue-ray to be able to have a trademark on it. Around 50% of all Blu-ray searches in Google are done with the “e” in blue. How does this effect consumers that are searching for Blu-ray? Are they going to find what they’re looking for?

There are so many misspellings of Blu-ray from websites themselves that searching the right term, Blu-ray, is actually going to be limited. For example, if a site uses the spelling “Blueray” and you search for the right term in Google, you’re not going to find that page.

Google and the other search engines can make the translation between Blue-ray and Blu-ray but it’s going to hurt the search results. Usually the “Did you mean” function on the search engines can help with any confusions regarding search terms but since writers on so many different websites are spelling Blu-ray wrong, there are plenty of results for Blue-ray with an “e”. Thus, “Did you mean” doesn’t pop up.

So, the correct spelling is Blu-ray. Go ahead and make a mental note. Is your head spinning yet?

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*Blu-ray sales in the US in the first quarter of 2010 were $331.31 million, 68.5% more than in the same period of 2009. (

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