More and more health care companies are in need of temperature controlled solutions as their businesses are shifting and entering new markets. We need safe methods of storage for certain medical and pharmaceutical products because many need to be stored at specific temperatures. This also is required during shipment. FedEx Express has found a way to cater to the medical and pharmaceutical industries by finding a way to provide temperature controlled shipping and packaging options. This includes having dry ice capabilities and re-icing facilities at major hubs and ramps.

FedEx is always looking for ways to innovate their offerings and provide solutions to health care customers. They want these businesses to flourish by offering them the best possible technologies so they can continue to manage their supply chains and grow with the changes in the industry. FedEx is keen on improving the quality of life around the world and connecting with customers and providing them with the best experience possible. They continue to thrive everyday by creating ways to better their business and help others do the same.

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