Bot Beverage Revamps Packaging To Target A New Market

enhanced water launched in 2007 as a kids beverage. It is a slightly sweet, low calorie flavored water that targeted mothers. Since its release, the beverage has been fully embraced by adults prompting a change in packaging. TDA Boulder gave the packaging a new look as Bot enhanced water has recently relaunched as an adult-targeted beverage.

The new bottle features a modern looking white dot pattern with a solid color background for each flavor. The design is simple gives the beverage a stronger shelf presence. The previous design featured a white background with different colored kid characters for each flavor. The names of the flavors also changed to appeal to an adult audience. Previous flavors were simple and general: grape, orange, berry, etc. The new flavors names include: concord grape, key lime, blue plum, valencia organge, and so on.

So whether you like the new or old design better, Bot Beverage made a great move. They recognized who was embracing their product and changed their packaging to appeal to a broader audience within their new target market.




Filtered Tap Water on the Go

We all know by now the massive impact that bottled water has on the environment. Each day an estimated 60 million plastic water bottles are thrown away. Wow! Besides the sheer number of plastic bottled produced each year, the energy required to manufacture and transport these bottles to market severely drains limited fossil fuels.

Introducing the 321 Water Bottle created by the Australian company Half A Teaspoon. It’s filtered tap water on the go- French press style. This beautifully-designed reusable water bottle has a plunger mechanism with a built-in filter so you can fill it from any tap to produce fresh filtered water. The 500ml screw top bottle easy to use and BPA-free. It features a wide neck drink opening and is easy to clean. 

How much do they cost? The 321 Water Bottle is selling for $32.10.

So where can you get one? You’re going to have to wait. They’re not quite in production yet. The word is that they’ll be available this Summer!  

Facts on the effects of US bottled water consumption:
*More than 8 billion gallons of bottled water is consumed annually in the US representing $11 billion in sales.
*An estimated 1.5 million barrels of oil are required to make the plastic for the bottles. (That’s enough to power 100,000 cars for a year.
*Nearly 90% of water bottles are not recycled.

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