Twitter Users Defined

Twitter was created in 2006 and since then it has grown into a social media empire. The 140 characters or less network is a place for users to tweet about anything imaginable whether its sharing a blog, providing a helpful link, or tweeting about a celebrity, Twitter allows all possibilities and levels of creativity. Since Twitter is a fairly new social media site, have you ever wondered who uses it and what they use it for? There are 6 categories of users on Twitter, see if you or someone you know fits in one of these groups.

1. The Rookie: This user joins Twitter right away, but then is wary and unsure how to use it. The lingo Twitter has adopted confuses the rookie, but they still try it out because friends or family they know are on Twitter. These users are the ones that tweet messages such as “I am going to take a nap” or “Just went shopping”. The rookie will realize that no one cares about their tweets and they usually abandon after 3 months.

2. The Social Bug: This user is present in all sorts of social media sites, not just Twitter. They think of themselves as a social media guru and want their followers to know that. Their tweets consist of informing others about articles, publications, postings, ect that are concerned with social media.

3. The Reaction Queen/King: This user is the typical “I can sing better than the candidates on American Idol” or “Did you see that new movie? What were they thinking? ” tweeter. They voice their opinions in an annoying fashion about celebrities in the media at a particular time.

4. The Info-Nator: This users is very knowledgeable about a certain field and they use Twitter to promote themselves. The intention of this user is to create a network of people who are interested in their same field. This user will post tweets containing helpful links or sharing what they know.

5. The Helping Hand: This user is the user to follow. They operate with great honor and integrity as they try to help others find answers. This user will use Twitter to look and observe others and use their own expertise and knowledge to help those needing questions answered. They provide helpful links relating to all sorts of things and are available within an instant.

6. The Professional: Twitter is a great tool for those in business and other professional sectors. This user will tweet about information related to their specific type of business. They may use Twitter to tweet about specials and promotions, provide coupon codes, or give links to their website and other pages. The professional either works in some type of social media marketing department of the company, interns, or is in charge of social media. This user is knowledgeable about social media with the intention of attracting people to become followers, hoping they become attracted to their product, brand, or service.

Twitter Turns Five

Twitter has been ‘tweeting’ around the world for five years now. The little blue Twitter bird has become a staple icon in the world of social media. Twitter got its start in a brainstorming session of a podcasting company called Odeo in San Francisco. Twitter was founded by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, and Biz Stone. Odeo needed a way to be saved and the idea was to reinvent the way we communicate. Jack Dorsey had a vision that would allow users to use 140 characters or less to send out information via text message. It started out as twttr, inspired by the photo sharing service Flickr. This phenomenon that would reshape our lives launched in March of 2006 when Jack Dorsey posted the first tweet “just setting up my twttr”.

Accounts were created and twttr had 100 users. Soon after Twitter exploded into a micro-blogging movement that was made into its own company in 2007. Soon after, people from all walks of life, celebrities, and even Obama were becoming encompassed in the world of Twitter. That 100 users that first started using Twitter became 200 million at the end of 2010 and has continued to grow since then.

In the five years that Twitter has existed they have won awards, launched in different languages, partnered with LinkedIn, and has made a major impact in social media upon many other feats. According to the Huffington Post, Twitter now handles about 140 million tweets per day and a billion tweets per week. Twitter will continue to grow and be the place for users to unleash 140 characters of anything imaginable, as well as be a place for businesses to grow and market their brand.