Starter Kit Case Study: Thumbjamz

USB drives are extremely versatile. We've helped companies create customized flashdrives with packaging for a variety of uses in different industries. Here's a recent project we worked on with Thumbjamz to create a starter kit of their curated playlists. 

Thumbjamz is a company that connects DJs with listeners through various mediums, including streaming and, obviously, USB drives. The hardware component allows users to download and move music wherever they want to load it. The platform itself is growing, and we're proud to have helped create the packaging to help increase sales and recognition.

Starter Kit At A Glance

A starter kit can look a lot of different ways. It depends on what's included and what industry it serves. For example, a medical sample kit will look very different from a liquor product, and so on. In this case study, Thumbjamz is part of the music industry. So we turned to a classic, CD-LP kind of look for the product. 

Since the project was centered around the client's hardware--in this case, a flashdrive--we turned to one of our existing styles that fit perfectly: the FlashPad. It already mimics how music packaging opens, with ready-made space for track lists and album notes. It also has built-in padding for the USB drive, which we upgraded with a foam insert.

For the finishing touches, we added scuff free lamination paired with digital printing for vibrant tones. 

Functional Flashdrive Packaging

By using our FlashPad model, we were able to help Thumbjamz innovate without any added costs for new fabrication. Sunrise has the ability to make a wide variety of products, allowing our clients to leverage an expansive catalogue of work. Reach out to us for your next project. Let's see what we can build together!

Custom Pads in Action

This time of year seems to bring out the best in people. We're inspired by the holiday season to give more, volunteer more, and appreciate what we have a little more. And when we get to create custom pads for an organization that literally embodies these sentiments, like the Salvation Army, it drives that point home even more. 

For an organization with the relatively simply tagline of 'Doing the most good,' the Salvation Army as an organization is anything but simple. Pursuing a mission of meeting human need without discrimination since 1865, they're done a lot of amazing work: 

  • Assisting around 25 million Americans every year
  • Serving 128 countries around the world
  • Comprising of over 1.5 million members (officers, soldiers, and adherents)

You've undoubtedly encountered a Salvation Army volunteer or two ringing bells outside businesses to get donations. But donating your spare change while hurrying out of the grocery store isn't the only way to help the organization. Planned giving is a major source of funding. To attract new donors in this digital age, the Salvation Army knew they had to move past the analog style of a brochure. Custom pads are the perfect option.

Custom Pads for a New Age

Sunrise Packaging custom pads are sleek, booklike boxes. We use a heavy chipboard for extra impact, and a custom foam insert to hold contents in place. They're the perfect option for a variety of products, from loyalty cards to medical devices to flash drives. 

When it comes to the Salvation Army project, their needs are focused on marketing to planned giving donors. The tailormade foam cavities can hold a pen and a USB drive. The drive contains necessary information on how to make planned gifts from different parts of a donor's financial plan, like:

  • Cash
  • Real estate
  • Stocks
  • Bonds

And whatever might be part of the financial plan of the donor. Additionally, a clear vinyl sleeve was added to the custom pads. This will hold a brochure, postcard, and a business card. 

Custom Pads Drive Campaigns

Custom pads are a great accompaniment to marketing campaigns. They can appeal to those who like to physically handle materials while offering an alternative for those who want to interact through technology. Not to mention that the personalized USB drives can cleanly transfer documents necessary for giving campaigns. 

Additionally, custom pads can even come with a creative sleeve for mailing. Learn more about options for design and finishing by reaching out to our sales team today!

The First USB Drive for iPad and iPhone

The most common problem associated with the iPad and the iPhone is that those devices lack a USB drive. Well iPad and iPhone users worry no more. There is finally a way to wirelessly save and share documents upon many other capabilities with the new AirStash, the first USB drive for iPad and iPhone. Wearable Inc. developed this USB drive and has filled the void of not being able to store and transfer data. This device has storage capacity of 32GB, which allows users to easily store and stream movies, photos, music, eBooks, and documents. AirStash also offers the ability of convenience with its easy to use capabilities and its easy to transport pocket size. This new device generates its own WPA2-secured 802.11g network, meaning it doesn’t need to piggyback on an existing Wi-Fi setup. The AirStash is expected to ship soon after its demonstration and orders are being taken online. The cost for this USB drive is $100 and a free firmware update is due in the first quarter of this year.

Learn more at: AirStash

Sun Drive Combines Solar Charging and USB Drive Capabilities

As technology progresses beyond the need for battery technology, solar powered devices are becoming a popular choice. Sun Drive, the newest solar charger, offers solar power through a solar panel that is wrapped around a battery inside the charger. Sun Drive can charge cellphones, MP3 players and digital cameras.  It can give your cell phone 100 minutes of continuous talk time and up to 25 hours of standby time with only one charge. Furthermore, Sun Drive is small enough to carry with you at only 64mm by 25.8mm.

But what makes this solar charger stand out from the rest? It is also a USB drive, that can hold up to 32GB of memory.

As far as renewable energy goes, Sun Drive is an excellent option for environment friendly consumers. So try it out, and while you are at it, check out Sunrise’s green efforts.

Star Wars Designer USB Flash Drives

MIMOBOT Designer Star Wars USB Flash DrivesI saw this series of Star Wars MIMOBOT designer flash drives by Mimoco and just had to show you.

They make a variety of different character-based designer USB flash drives, such as series of Star Wars, Halo, Domo, and Happy Tree Friends.  The Star Wars series is a popular one and features various characters from the movie.

This set is perfect for every Star Wars fan.  And these aren’t just empty USB flash drives that have cute designs.  They are also programmed with exclusive digital content, such as wallpapers, screensavers, icons, and avatars.  Not only that, but they also play sounds from the Star Wars movie when the drive is inserted or ejected from the computer.  They offer these USB flash drives in 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB capacities.

Custom USB Packaging Star Wars Flash Drives

If you collect these or any other series, be sure to store them in a durable case that can hold multiple drives.  Then they can be protected, kept together, and have their value displayed for all to see.  You could even make your own cover artwork for a case with a clear overlay.  Most importantly, if you are collecting a valuable series like this, you want to keep the drives together and protect them from any damage.

SuperSpeed USB 3.0

For the past year, we have been hearing about the new SuperSpeed USB (USB 3.0). It will have many advances for both consumers and adopters of the new technology, such as much higher speeds and enhanced power efficiency.

superspeed usb 3.0 cordThe speculations were finally released in November by the USB 3.0 Promoter Group, which includes companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Microsoft, NEC, ST-NXP Wireless, and Texas Instruments. They transitioned the management of the specification to the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF).

With technology today, people are expecting and using much higher quality images and sound. These larger files take an extensive amount of time to transfer. But with USB 3.0, you do not have to worry about that. Data transfer rates are up to ten times higher than with USB 2.0. It has new power features, such as energy-saving sleep modes, which is great when looking for green technology.

Consumer products could appear as early as 2010. The first Superspeed devices are predicted to be flash memory devices, external hard drives, mp3 players, and digital cameras. As we wait for these new devices, don’t forget about your flash memory packaging options!

What are USB Flash Drives?

You have probably seen or heard of USB flash drives, but what exactly are they and how do they work?

USB flash drives, also commonly called USB jump drives, are NAND-type flash memory storage devices that are integrated with a USB interface.

Common Terms:usb universal serial bus flash drive

  • USB (Universal Serial Bus): A portal that allows communication between a computer and an external device over an inexpensive cable
  • Flash memory: is computer memory that can be erased and rewritten or reprogrammed
  • NAND flash memory chip: stores data. NAND flash is typically also used in digital cameras.

Flash drives are very handy to use, because their small, compact size makes them easily portable. The average size is 2.75″ x .75″ x .25″ and typically weighs 2 ounces or less. Despite their small size, these storage devices are able to hold 64MB – 64GB of information, depending on the specific capacity of the device. This makes them perfect to carry your important files and information on-the-go, or to back up your files without taking up a lot of space.

Not only can you carry a large amount of data on these small jump drives, but they are also composed of flash memory. This means that they are rewritable and reusable, which is perfect for carrying around unfinished projects.

The small size and rewritable flash memory makes jump drives a great product, but there are risks. Since they are so small, it makes it very easy to lose the device and all of your important information on it. The rewritable flash memory also makes it possible to accidentally delete your data.

USB flash drives need sturdy packaging in order to help prevent damage or loss. USB drive cases could also help you keep your flash drives organized and in one place.