FlashPad Wallets: The Perfect Closing Gift

Okay, let me rephrase: FlashPad Wallets make the perfect closing gift *holder*.

Giving clients a gift at closing as a realtor sounds like a great idea. Who doesn’t like presents, for one, and a gift is a great way to express your appreciation for their business. It’s also a delicate way to ask for a referral (directly or indirectly, depending on your style). However, there are ample opportunities for the sweet gesture to go awry as RealtorMag describes.

For example, a set of crystal wine glasses sounds lovely. Unless they’re emblazoned with your company’s logo, in which case it’s really just a present for you, right? And what if they choose not to drink alcohol? Yes, we know that wine glasses don’t have to be used for wine, but it’s the implication as well as the lack of personalization that offends.  

So how does one come up with a gift that’s personal (but not too personal), won’t offend in any way, leaves a positive impression and reinforces your chance of a referral?

FlashPad Wallets can hold gift cards or USB Drives

FlashPad Wallets to the rescue

FlashPad Wallets are a new take on our classic FlashPad. They are smaller, lighter, and more portable.  The Wallet snaps shut and opens like a bifold wallet (hence the name...and it also possible to purchase as a trifold for more content). The inner and outer areas are completely customizable to whatever logo and messaging you want to share. While the package might become a keepsake for your client, what’s inside will catch their eye.

As RealtorMag notes, there’s one gift that everyone appreciates: money. It’s a tad gauche to fill it with cash, not to mention impersonal, so select a gift card that meets their needs. You’ve spent a substantial amount of time with them, so think back to conversations with them. Are they planning on buying new furniture? Do they love Starbucks or some other item? Does their new house have a lot of shelves that need to be filled with books? The opportunities are endless. The finishing options for FlashPad Wallets also allow for you to write a personalized message while the preprinted packaging does the selling for you.

Another option for the Wallet is a USB drive to be filled with whatever materials you share with clients. Information about their new neighborhood, any closing documents that can be saved digitally...whatever you can think of. I love the key-shaped USB for this idea; it’s a nice touch without being too cutesy. 

Regardless of how you choose to bookend the relationship, your client will probably remember you more for how you worked with them than the closing gift. Use the gift to build your reputation and connect with clients on a deeper level. And let the FlashPad Wallet remind them of where to send referrals. 

Lexar Releases 128GB Echo SE Flash Drive

Lexar just released the 128GB version of its Echo SE USB flash drive. With a very large capacity the Echo SE is wonderful for mobile users who are always on the go. Performance is great- up to 28MB/s read and 10MB/s write The thumb drive has Lexar’s Echo backup software (Mac compatible) which automatically launches when the flash drive is plugged into a USB port. Features of the software include:

-Incremental backup
-Ability to back up different versions of a file
-Automatic back up when a change is detected

The Echo SE flash drives are standard size usb drives and come in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and now 128GB. The new 128GB model retails for $500 and comes with a 5 year limited warranty.

Sunrise Packaging offers custom USB packaging for all types of flash drives.

Even More Fun USB Flash Drive Designs

With the ever increasing popularity of USB flash drives, also known as jump drives or thumb drives, companies are coming up with more and more creative designs for these devices. Here are some that we found at Gadget4all:


Care for a flash memory shot?


This one is a mp3 player, voice recorder, AND a flash memory stick:


Like to eat/cook? There are plenty of creative food designs:



Don’t go without protecting these valuable devices. When you need to package all of your creative USB flash drives, give Sunrise a call. We can help create a custom package to go with your unique devices that can help prevent them from being lost/damaged.

(All pictures from gadget4all.com)

SuperSpeed USB 3.0

For the past year, we have been hearing about the new SuperSpeed USB (USB 3.0). It will have many advances for both consumers and adopters of the new technology, such as much higher speeds and enhanced power efficiency.

superspeed usb 3.0 cordThe speculations were finally released in November by the USB 3.0 Promoter Group, which includes companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Microsoft, NEC, ST-NXP Wireless, and Texas Instruments. They transitioned the management of the specification to the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF).

With technology today, people are expecting and using much higher quality images and sound. These larger files take an extensive amount of time to transfer. But with USB 3.0, you do not have to worry about that. Data transfer rates are up to ten times higher than with USB 2.0. It has new power features, such as energy-saving sleep modes, which is great when looking for green technology.

Consumer products could appear as early as 2010. The first Superspeed devices are predicted to be flash memory devices, external hard drives, mp3 players, and digital cameras. As we wait for these new devices, don’t forget about your flash memory packaging options!

Who Uses USB / Flash Memory Devices?

Flash memory devices are so handy that anyone who is able to use a computer or electronic device could find a use for them. NAND flash memory devices include USB flash drives / jump drives and SD format memory cards. SD memory cards also include SDHC, MiniSD, and SDmicro cards. These devices are used with computers, mobile phones, digital cameras and camcorders, digital picture frames, mp3 players, etc.

sandisk usb flash drive useMost students use some form of a flash memory device. USB jump drives are very helpful to work on papers and projects that are still in progress, especially if the student does not have a computer of his or her own. It is a good way to save old projects for future reference without having to take up precious computer memory.

Authors and writers also use jump drives for their work.This way, they can take their work along with them anywhere that they can find inspiration to write. Some also back-up all of their writings on a jump drive and store it in a security box at the bank to prevent loss/damage.kingston minisd 1GB flash memory card

It is also especially important for small businesses to use flash memory USB jump drives as an emergency back-up for their data and vital information. It would be a disaster to lose that information, so it would be a good idea to back it up on a jump drive once a day or even just once a week.

Memory cards are very handy for photographers to use. Most cameras take the SD format memory cards, which can store many pictures.flash memory cards for digital picture frames They can also store pictures on any flash memory device to save memory on the computer.

Flash memory devices are especially helpful to all of these kinds of people, but they can be useful for most anyone. Some forms of personal use are taking and storing digital pictures or videos, displaying pictures in a digital picture frame, storing files on a cell phone, using mp3 players, backing-up personal files / music, or transferring files to another computer.

You can even go green by using flash memory, because these devices are rewritable and reusable, rather than burning your data to a CD. And since these devices are holding your valuable information, you want to make sure that you protect them in durable cases.