Creative Custom Two-Piece Setup Box Packaging

Zealong Custom Packaging

This creative custom two-piece set up box packaging is for Zealong’s new four flavor range. Zealong is a brand of high quality, traditional Chinese teas made from organically grown leaves, pronounced as thicker and having more flavor.\r\n\r\nThe custom two-piece box set up design employs the distinctive contrast of a matt satin, UV varnish and gold foil print finish, perky contemporary color and unique emboss across a dark surface. It sets up a conservative but premium feeling that derives a little from the chocolate category and the custom design extends Zealong”s branding. Custom packaging well done!

Custom Setup Boxes for Extending Your Brand

custom setup box

Setup box is probably considered the most classic take on what a “box” actually is. Custom setup boxes comprise of two pieces which are a top and a bottom tray. Custom setup boxes can be put together a few different ways. To get the most sturdy and reliable type of this unsophisticated packaging solution, you should use a rigid setup that uses turned edge construction and presents distinctive customization options. A custom rigid setup box can use a rigid chipboard that may be wrapped with custom artwork which helps give the entire custom box durable support. A great custom setup box design does wonders for your marketing your product and extending your brand.

Enormous Growth for Custom Rigid Turned Edge Box Packaging


We have noticed the enormous growth for custom rigid turned edge box packaging in the last few years. The increase in custom rigid turned edge packaging demands for large size demonstration kits, retail items and smaller marketing pieces, rigid turned edge packaging solutions extend customizable and highly impressionable options. With custom rigid boxes and marketing kits, you are able to pinpoint the exact look and feel that will extend your brand and represent your product.

Ultra-Violet Coatings in Packaging

UV is a very fashionable coating selection for packaging due chiefly to the high gloss finish one can accomplish, adding brilliance to the finished sheet unlike any other coating method. UV coatings also provide good resistance to solvents and abrasion – much better than most water-based coatings. Because of its high sheen, UV coatings are popular on a wide variety of products, including custom medical packaging, sales kits, marketing/ad agency kits and cosmetic packaging.


Send a branding message with custom designed packaging!

Put deep thought about the packaging and appearance of your product. The benefits of custom designed packaging are immense as they have a foremost influence on the sale of your products and work as a branding message. People may not trouble to read about the features or contemplate your product for purchase if your product’s custom packaging is not designed creatively. There are many different types of custom designed packaging which include; sales kits, medical packaging, electronics packaging boxes, custom marketing kits, food & beverage packaging and many more.

You add so much value to your product with creatively designed packaging that triggers attention with consumers. Customize your packaging and differentiate yourself among competitors!

Convey Your Products Excellence

It is necessary for your retail product packaging to convey your product’s noteworthy excellence to your target market. Custom designed rigid setup boxes have a pronounced value in their structure and customized design capabilities that look and feel valuable are a great option. Your brand can be distinguished even more with customized inserts made of foam or formed plastics for unparalleled value.

You only have a couple seconds for consumers to decide to try your product. Branding with your customized setup box is essential to communicate your individuality as a product, but it is also very important for them to feel your distinction will benefit them.

Improve Your Brand with Custom Designed Rigid Boxes

I have confidence that independent retailers can be successful competing against big box retailers with high-quality custom designed rigid boxes that are innovatively packaged. Big box retailers typically spend more in promotion and large quantity production, so independent retailers need to boost their brand to compete with distinguished custom packaging. The following survey of over 300 independent retailers gives more evidence of how important this is.

64% said that packaging was an important part of their brand

49% felt that packaging was particularly important in online sales

48% felt packaging helped them compete with big-box retailers 

This survey demonstrations to me that quality rigid box packaging can make a pronounced difference for your brand.


Custom Paperboard Packaging

I noticed this post on the dieline and the intriguing custom packaging in this piece really caught my attention. Skoff Pies packaging was designed by Creative Inc. Skoff pastries are slipped into vibrant Paperboard boxes that are exemplified with graphic teeth trying to grab a bite of its contents.

This custom designed Paperboard SBS packaging utilizes an embossed logo that gives the Skoff product a first-class sensation. The packaging design shows off owner Donal Skehan’s eccentric personality and adoration of everything retro. Their unique branding has been effective for Skoff further separating them from the competition.


The Impact of Packaging

Package design, how can package design help, perceived quality of high end packaged goods.

This article of The Impact of Packaging by MS Packaging ( caught my attention. We have seen many of the same thoughts from manufacturers and consumers who know how important exceptional packaging is crucial for a product to evoke consumers attention. Here are a few of the results from their research:

Only 11% of global consumers are completely satisfied with their packaging today

When it comes to overall product satisfaction, packaging is almost as important as brand for consumers

64% tried a product because the packaging caught their eye

41% purchased a product because of the package design

36% switched brands because of a negative experience with new design

22% wrote an online review that mentions their package

Because of packaging, 29% researched more about a product and 20% became a fan of the branding company on social networks

These results certainly show the importance of quality design as it is undoubtedly a major factor which helps to build a wide customer base. With consumer’s now more willing to be influenced by packaging, it will take quality packagers that are up to the challenge of producing this distinction.