Packaging for the Cosmetics Market

The cosmetics industry is known for using smart, eye-catching packaging solutions to its advantage. Packaging for cosmetic products can be complicated because it is a selective purchase with lots of competitors, but they also are held to a high standard due to their real life applications. Any cosmetics that are visibly tampered with or poorly packaged will quickly be overlooked by the consumer. There are major health repercussions for using contaminated cosmetic products, and suppliers and retailers alike must be hyper-aware of how they are presenting their product. Thermoformed plastic packaging solutions are ideal for the cosmetic market because they offer the best of both requirements.

Cosmetics are judged and chosen based on their color- that is why clear plastic clamshells and blister packs are ideal for foundations, bronzers, eye-shadows and so on. Thermoformed packaging solutions are also very tamper-evident making it easy for the consumer to choose the item that has been unscathed and ensuring their health and safety. Here are a few examples of plastic clamshells and blister packaging being put to good use for cosmetics and make-up products. Read more about thermoformed packaging at Plastic Ingenuity.

Medical/Pharmaceutical Packaging

Medical and pharmaceutical thermoformed packaging is a market that isn’t going away anytime soon. Due to material requirements and health standards, thermoformed plastic packaging solutions are the most common choice for pharmaceuticals and medical devices (blisters, clamshells, etc.) . While not all products require sterilization in the packaging process, thermoformed trays and clamshells are perfect for this application as well. Along with compliance of health standards and secure closures, sustainability has become a growing concern for eco-conscious businesses. You may think that with an overlap of so many requirements would limit the potential for innovative design but it is just the opposite. Pharmaceutical packaging (especially for over-the-counter meds) can still be creative and daring. Designers and packaging engineers take into account the following factors: color, texture, shape/size, carton, and of course, compliance. Blog Source: Plastic Ingenuitymedical thermoforming

Display Retail Products with Plastic Packaging

Packaging for retail products is a crucial part of marketing and selling the product. When creating the design and setup up thermoformed plastic packaging, style and substance must be employed for a successful product. Not only does the end result need to be appealing to consumers, but it needs to be highly functional for shipping and likely tampering. It is important to remember that many consumers will associate the quality of packaging with quality product– so, when choosing a thermoforming manufacturer or even plastics provider, be adamant about your standards and how to present your product. Custom plastic clamshells and blister packaging can be used with clear plastics that not only protect the item but display it to the consumer. Don’t make them guess what your product is like- show them!plastic blister pack

Thermoformed USB Case

This product is a custom thermoformed USB packaging that we created for a company’s web key. The small thermoformed USB case is compact, yet protective of the device. The thermoformed tray on the interior of the plastic case holds the web key securely,  allowing for safe travel, tamper resistance, and perfect for an easy giveaway at a business event! Even more, this custom plastic case allows for artwork to be sealed in so you can be represented with high quality digital printing!

Custom Thermoformed USB Case


Vacuum and Pressure Forming

At Sunrise Packaging, we use a combination of vacuum and pressure forming when we manufacture thermoformed plastic packaging products. Thermoforming simply refers to the application of heat to thermoplastic in order for it to take the shape of the mold, however there is much more to it than that. That is where a vacuum forming process comes into play. Mostly used for parts with shallow depth, a vacuum is used to assist the plastic material into the mold so it can be thermoformed evenly. A tool called a plug assist is also used and pressure is applied, which is where the term pressure forming comes from. If only one of these methods are used, the plastic is at risk of bunching up and creating an inferior product.

Vacuum Forming

Choosing Your Thermoplastic

RPET plasticMaterial choice is one of the most important decisions you will make when you opt for custom plastic packaging manufacturing. At Sunrise Packaging, we are capable of thermoforming a wide range of thin-gauge thermoplastics into custom blister packaging, protective clamshells, and unique thermoformed trays. However, each thermoplastic material has its pros and cons. If you don’t know where to start, ask your manufacturer what materials they offer and more importantly- what do they have experience with. Some of these plastics can be tricky during the manufacturing process. In the meantime, here is a brief overview of some of our more popular options:

PET Plastics are popular thermoforming materials mostly due to the clarity they offer. PET is best used for retail product packaging because this thermoplastic displays the item while protecting it from external conditions (shipping, shoppers, etc.)

PETG offers transparency just like PET plastics. However, PETG thermoplastic is a bit more durable. Yes, the material can scratch but it will not break so this plastic is best used with valuable items that need extra protection.

HIPS is a clear and impact resistant thermoplastic, but be careful- it is brittle! Possibly prone to cold-cracking, this plastic material is most often seen in CD jewel cases. HIPS can be infused with color if you want to make your packaging solution pop!

ABS combines the best of both worlds in plastics manufacturing materials. ABS thermoplastic is durable enough to make up safety gear and lightweight enough for children’s toys.

Subway Uses Recycled PET Trays for Catering

Thermoformed traysIn an effort to make their restaurants more environmentally responsible, the Subway sandwich chain is now using thermoformed catering PET trays. The trays are made from 95% post-consumer recycled PET and are used in 29,000 Subway locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. As a result of using these trays, the company estimates that it will keep 1.8 million pounds of plastic materials from going directly into the waste stream every year. The switch is part of Subway’s commitment to changing their day-to-day operations in order to uphold environmental responsibility. The improvements will not end with this- while the company is proud of the various sustainable solutions they have implemented into their business, they recognize that there is more to be done and they are committed to it!

Trays for Car Parts

AutomotiveThermoformed trays are of great use in the automotive industry, especially for parts manufacturers. Plastic trays are capable of providing maximum strength and protection by using even the thinnest gauge of material. A thermoformed plastic tray can hold car parts that vary in both size and fragility. Depending on how the part is used, you can form different kinds of thermoplastic materials. An added benefit to this packaging for the automotive industry is that most thermoforming plastics are recycled or recyclable. This way, you can safely ship/packaging valuable car parts at high quantities and the trays they come in will be recycled. The component of customization that comes with thermoforming pays off when you have unique parts or even need to engrave identification codes. It is important to use a manufacturer that has tooling in house so they can have a tighter control on the process and design.