FlashPad™ Packaging: Made to Order

This video shows the process of making the FlashPad™ from Sunrise Packaging. Combining a high quality turned edge cover with custom die cut foam creates a simple and sophisticated marketing piece without breaking the bank. While we have a standard size that we commonly provide, many of our clients have opted to make some adjustments of their own to fit their brand. Check out some innovative FlashPads™ below:

USB Custom Packaging

At Sunrise, we’ve had plenty of experience packaging one thing in particular: a USB flash drive. While it is NOT the only thing we see by far, we realize that we offer quite a few different ways (custom or stock) to encase a USB flash drive. Here are three examples in particular:

USB caseFirst, we offer on our online store injection molded cases. Much like a DVD case, this USB packaging is simple and easy to order. Even though it comes in standard size, it is customizable with printed artwork that we can seal in.






Next we have our FlashPad™, by far our most popular custom packaging option. Die cut foam with a cavity for just about any standard or credit card USB drive. Artwork customization is a little more open with the flash pad- digital print with gloss or matte lamination, foil stamp, emboss…anything that compliments your brand message.


Turned Edge box


Finally, sometimes you need to go all out and make a custom box. Great for sales kits and promotional materials, a custom turned edge box that holds a gift and a USB drive can speak volumes!

Creative Media Package

This CD release for a British pop band is representative of the eclectic collection of tunes while standing out in an innovative way. While it seems as if disc sales and production are falling to the wayside, there is still a demand for music lovers to purchase newly released albums in store instead of online. After all, record sales is what supports the artist. This album from Gabby Young and Other Animals titles “The Band Called Out for More” is packaged in a kaleidoscope-style package that opens the disc compartment in a revolving motion. The digital print on this media package is impeccable, with a wide range of colors and intricate detail. With a decline in record sales, rare and innovative packaging can be the “make or break” factor in which a consumer chooses to purchase or not. We found this CD case on PackagingoftheWorld.

Pack Expo Las Vegas 2013

LasVegasWith only two months until the event, Pack Expo Las Vegas is still growing. The owner and producer of Pack Expo Las Vegas has announced that they have needed to expand the show floor to meet supplier demand. The event is set for September 23-25, 2013 at the Las   VegasConvention Center. Pack Expo is where over 1,600 processing and packaging solutions providers exhibit their products and services, and at over 700,00 net square feet, 2013 is set to be the largest edition since the event first started in 1995. This event has grown in many ways, exhibitor numbers are up, the floor space has expanded, and they have even added another Innovation Stage to expand the educational programs on packaging and processing. Pack Expo is not to be missed!

Blog Source: PackWorld

Marketing to Consumer Community

marketing packagingThe digital push is continuously reshaping our world and how we perceive truths. The most malleable truth being the decisions and choices consumers make. Today, consumers trust what their friends say on social media sites such as facebook and twitter moreso than the marketing messages created by companies. Whether beneficial or detrimental- internet conversations play a central role in consumer decision. People spend a lot of time in the virtual world and with mobile technology this is happening more often on-the-go. Many marketing efforts are successful through packaging because it is guaranteed to be seen by YOUR consumer. Community is important to people and many times customers look to their preferred brands for a sense of community with the things they are interested in. Most consumers want their version of a certain product so no more than ever mass produced products are transforming into mass customization options. Today, the goal is not for a marketer to make broad claims that capture a large audience– the ideal is for them to have a one-on-one relationship with each consumer to keep them captivated. For retailers and advertisers alike, their best resource to cultivate one-on-one relationships through marketing will be their printers and packagers. Using custom and community driven digital printing on product packaging will be recognized by consumers and encourage a consumer following.

Blog Source- Packaging Nirvana by Mike Ferrarri

28th Annual MSU Packaging Jamboree

2013 Packaging JamboreeMichigan State University’s Schoolof Packagingwill be hosting the 28th annual Student Packaging Jamboree this March 21 through 23. The school was established in 1952 and is on of the premier programs in its field. This event gives students the opportunity for packaging students nationwide to network and learn more about their prospective field. The University anticipates 250 students to attend this 3 day event. Throughout the conference, industry experts will be available to interact and speak with students in a panel format, showcase display, and a design competition of the products presented. The theme for this year’s Jamboree is Innovation in Design and Sustainability.

Source: PackagingDigest

Marketing with NFC

Near field communication (NFC) has offered a new marketing tool unlike any that have come before it. The NFC is a set of standards for devices, like smartphones, to establish radio communication with each other by touching them together or bringing them close together. This allows for the exchange and duplication of data, but it also offers a great tool for commerce. NFC devices can be used in contactless payment systems allowing for mobile payment to replace or supplement other payment systems currently used in credit cards and electronic ticket cards. Most recently, Kraft Foods has piloted an NFC trial at grocery stores that show high engagement levels (compared to QR codes). For this trial, RFID chips that are readable by NFC-enabled devices were placed in signs on the shelves in front of certain products. This allowed consumers to tap their smartphones and gain access to recipe content, download the Food Assistant app or share information on Facebook. The benefits of this technology compared to others is that this is a frictionless technology. Users don’t have to download an app if they don’t want to. Like we saw in the tips for a great point of purchase display, this technology has an immediate call to action that calls for a simple tap with your phone. Results of the trial showed that the overall ‘tap’ engagement level was 12 times higher than for the QR codes that accompanied the RFID chips. Also, more than 36% of shoppers that took advantage of this marketing tool converted it into an action- like saving a recipe or downloading the Kraft app. In-store marketing has only 5-10 seconds to grab the consumer’s attention, however when NFC was involved the consumer spent up to 48 seconds engaged increasing that chance of purchase ten-fold.

Source: AIPIA

Online Retail and the Packaging Industry

As is with all industries, the realm of packaging has divisions pertaining to the outlet through which the product is being sold. Most companies have to ask themselves the question if on-line retail is a justifiable division to include in sales. There are many ways to conclude a viable solution, but most start with the comparison of online and conventional retail. Conventional retail refers to business exchanges made in physical stores. While primary packaging in retail stores serve as a silent salesman, be compared to similar products adjacent on the shelf, it is safe to say that packaging is any less effective for online retail. A pro for online retail is that it is so much less cluttered, for each package there is no need for more than one image. Due to this there is more room for marketing to include attention-grabbing graphics to draw the consumer in. The determining factor affecting online retail is whether or not the product is the type that consumers would want to buy online. Besides the products that simply are not sold in stores, there are other factors in play. It is easy to talk about online retail, products, and packaging until we get to the delivery. Having a tight leash on the shipping process isn’t as simple as it sounds. Not only are there many details to procure accurate, efficient, and safe shipping, but those who are concerned about sustainability are in for a disappointment. When someone can simply go to a store to purchase a product, sustainability and convenience are combative on the basis of fuel consumption alone. Online retail has the potential to be very beneficial to the packaging industry. However, a strategy is needed that provides a quality combination of internet navigation, delivery, and the opportunity to receive constructive consumer feedback.

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The Art of Music Packaging

Although the practicality of music packaging may be dwindling, it can still serve as a valuable scene-setter for the musician. When it did have a practical purpose, this came along with the justification of additional cost for vendors. The “art” of music packaging peaked in the mid 1960’s to early 1980’s, and not too long over was appreciated as such being put in museums and art galleries. Then came along the CD, making album art a vintage item. Art that was used to represent the musician or band now had less of an impact due to the miniature sized packages in which they were now contained. The contents of CD packaging matured with the use of digi-paks, o-cards, and increasingly intricate design treatments that were and are being developed. The use of music packaging, however, is not taken for granted- people value their albums and become attached to them- sometimes as much as to the music.


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Packaging Design Impacted by Increased Online Sales

With the rise in popularity of online shopping/purchasing, product packaging for retail and other items plays a whole new role for the consumer. Not only does the responsibility to catch the eye decrease, but there are newfound responsibilities that a shipped product’s packaging needs to uphold. Now, the post-purchase brand experience is much more critical in sustaining repeat business. A new study “Packaging in an online world” conducted by aTorontobased branding and design firm sought to understand how the development of online sales is making an impact on packaging design and construction. The study pointed out that once the purchase is completed, the role of packaging is drastically different. Now, the main purpose is not presentation but protection. The shipping package needs to ensure the safety of the product during shipping as well as be made of recyclable material. Making this package easy to open for the consumer is a huge bonus. Since the product is not on a shelf awaiting purchase, primary packaging no longer holds as much value. For shipped goods, reduce primary packaging to save costs; customers did not and will not rely on graphics to judge the value of the product. Instead of flashy graphics and catch phrases, use packaging approaches that create a strong link to the brand in meaningful ways that will make an impact post-purchase.

Source: PackWorld


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