Thermoformed Plastic Clamshells

Clear plastic clamshells are a huge asset to retail packaging solutions. They offer security and visibility in one compact piece. Unique clamshells that are tailored specifically to product are often custom made with inline thermoforming manufacturing. Plastic material is roll-fed in to the former and takes shape of the Teflon coated aluminum tool that is being applied. Watch the YouTube video below to see how aluminum tooling is produced:

Starting in March 2014, we will start to offer a stock option for this useful and relevant packaging solution. Easy to order online or a simple phone call, stock plastic clamshells eliminate the need to invest in tooling which can incur initial cost. If product and graphic inserts fit into any of the options we have available, then stock clamshells are your best option. Economically sound, made from recycled material, and easy to open functionality make these clamshells a win-win packaging solution.



65th Annual WestPack is Coming Up Soon!

In just a few weeks, representatives from Sunrise Packaging will be flying out to sunny California for the WestPack Exhibit and Tradeshow in Anaheim, CA. The 65th annual event is set to take place February 11-14 at the Anaheim Convention Center. The show is a great venue for suppliers, converters, automation companies and more to exhibit and share their expertise. The event, put on my UBM Canon is also in connection with MinnPack, EastPack, SouthPack…you get the idea. We have exhibited at both MinnPack and WestPack in the past and have nothing but wonderful experiences making connections and learning more about the packaging industry. While WestPack is a brilliant networking event, it is also an incredible educational opportunity for industry professionals whether they are new to the business or seasoned veterans. See for yourself: In this video from Packaging Digest Online, Roger Burg, vp, design & manufacturing portfolio director for show organizer UBM Canon, invites packaging professionals to the west coast’s most comprehensive product development resource. We hope to see you there — Sunrise Packaging will be set up at booth 5451!

Easy-to-Use Packaging for Multi-Tasking Consumers

retail packaging The average consumer leads an incredibly busy life that revolves around the ability to multitask, not only that but to do this in a mobile setting. Shoppers look for convenience and security in their products and the package they come in. While they multitask on a daily basis, they expect their purchased goods to do the same neigh, demand it. Convenience being the biggest consumer trend today, it is imperative that retailers and suppliers alike focus on packaging that appeals to the needs of the busy-bee consumers. There are two features of packaging that can greatly improve your product’s chances of being “the chosen one” on the shelf- if they are executed correctly. First is the no brainer: Easy-to-use. Did you see our blog about frustration-free packaging? Well, there is a video of writer Larry David showing a prime example of how many of us feel when we get home from the store and can’t get to the goods. Honestly, who is going to buy something that takes an arm and a leg to open? Focus your packaging solution on easy-to-open, easy-to-use, easy-to-discard. That brings us to the second feature that is desired in product packaging. That big ol’ buzz word we here everywhere: Sustainability. Not only do you have to make sure the packaging is easy to throw away, but have a sustainable solution that people can feel good about themselves for contributing to the wellness of mother earth. In the end, it is up to the packaging and product manufacturers to provide their consumers with a simple package that lives up to the hectic lifestyle so many of us strive to maintain.

Avoid Overpackaging with Custom Solutions

custom retail packaging When consumers make their purchase decisions in the store, they are able to determine their choices based on packaging as well as the product itself. Whether in a retail outlet, grocery store, or strolling the mall, every shopper can have input in the package they walk away with. However, due to the boom of online retail, technological advances, and smaller products, the discretion of packaging materials is now completely up to the business.  Retailers have had to change their product offering and diversify their lines. The result- companies are offering a wider variety of items that all have unique packaging needs.There are many sites where consumers have fired back with complaints of overpackaging and wasting resources. While custom packaging is always an available option for retailers, the infinite details that go into packaging thousands of different items will continue to result in a compromise. Therefore, it is imperative that companies seek out custom packaging solutions that are easy to manipulate for the variety in their product line. Make it clear to your shoppers about your conscious effort to reduce wasteful packaging by investing in economical custom packaging solutions.

Sustainable Plastic Packaging

RecyclePlastic[1]One of the biggest trends in the plastic packaging industry today is eco-friendliness, and that comes as no surprise. Consumers are highly interested in sustainable plastic packaging, even concerned about sustainability and the purchasing choices they make. Due to their demands in the retail market, packaging companies (including Sunrise Packaging) have had to improve their methods, designs, and materials. Recyclability and reusability are the top features that are beneficial to the consumer, so it is up to the packaging provider to develop packaging that is easy to reuse or recycle by the average person’s standards. To attain this standard in your retail packaging source, look for suppliers with recycled or recyclable materials. Also, packaging companies with in house tooling give you the opportunity to create a custom package which could include a locking or reseal able feature. By offering an added benefit, you increase the value of your product and gain a consistent consumer following.

Pack Expo Las Vegas 2013

LasVegasWith only two months until the event, Pack Expo Las Vegas is still growing. The owner and producer of Pack Expo Las Vegas has announced that they have needed to expand the show floor to meet supplier demand. The event is set for September 23-25, 2013 at the Las   VegasConvention Center. Pack Expo is where over 1,600 processing and packaging solutions providers exhibit their products and services, and at over 700,00 net square feet, 2013 is set to be the largest edition since the event first started in 1995. This event has grown in many ways, exhibitor numbers are up, the floor space has expanded, and they have even added another Innovation Stage to expand the educational programs on packaging and processing. Pack Expo is not to be missed!

Blog Source: PackWorld

Sunstainable Packaging is the Focus in Rwanda

Kigali, Rwanda hosted an international conference called “Sustainable Packaging for Competitiveness and Development on SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) in EAC (East African Community) Region”. Located in Central-East Africa, Rwanda has a population of about 9 million people and has one of the highest economic growth rates in the Sub-Saharan region (7-8% yearly). sustainable packaging The event had a B2B focus on processing, packaging, material handling and converting, and took place June 3-4. The organizers and partners had two main objectives for the show that raised the interest of a large and attentive public. First, to emphasize the importance of packaging as a strategic leverage for technological upgrade and increased competitiveness of local SMEs. The second objective was to promote East Afripack 2014, which will be the first exhibition showcasing the global state of the art of processing, packaging, and converting technology- the event is set to take place in Nairobi September 9-12 of 2014. In order to better understand that decision makers of the local industry, the conference included a bit of market research. The study showed that 63% of interviewees intend to plan on technology investment to expand their manufacturing capabilities. Also, 70% believe that improved technology in packaging will improve their products’ image and branding.

Blog source: PackWorld

Keep in Mind for Package Design

Developing a package design takes a lot of careful consideration and research. The key is to implement creativity but hold true to standards that will enable you to measure success or failure of the package. The following are elements that when properly executed will drive successful packaging and allow you to attain your goals:

1. First things first- visibility. Especially in retail packaging, your item will be sitting on the shelves with its competitors for all the world to see. The biggest challenge you will face with any package design is to break through that clutter and remaining relevant to shoppers. Research packaging trends and make yours different!

2. Make your package sell the product. In other words, shopability is a huge factor in driving success. Now that you’ve got their attention with the first step, let your package do the talking for you and make your item the easy choice.

3. Choose a single, clear, message. Eye-tracking studies have told us that you only have 5 seconds to persuade a shopper. Consumers do little to no research when they shop, so keep the message clear and concise when you explain the benefits of your product.

4. They chose your product! Good for you, but the work isn’t over. In order for them to choose you again, it has to be easy to use. When you design packaging, think about how easy it is to open, reopen, and how long is it going to stick around. Many retailers forget that where the package is stored makes a huge impact on the consumer’s decision to repurchase.

5. Finally, sustainability. Now don’t change the record, I promise it isn’t broken. This element is just a reminder of the increased awareness of environmental impact that consumers exercise when they shop. Design for sustainability, and make sure they know.

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28th Annual MSU Packaging Jamboree

2013 Packaging JamboreeMichigan State University’s Schoolof Packagingwill be hosting the 28th annual Student Packaging Jamboree this March 21 through 23. The school was established in 1952 and is on of the premier programs in its field. This event gives students the opportunity for packaging students nationwide to network and learn more about their prospective field. The University anticipates 250 students to attend this 3 day event. Throughout the conference, industry experts will be available to interact and speak with students in a panel format, showcase display, and a design competition of the products presented. The theme for this year’s Jamboree is Innovation in Design and Sustainability.

Source: PackagingDigest

How2Recycle Label to Increase Recycling Awareness

The How2Recycle label you see on many products was developed to reduce consumer confusion around recycling in the U.S. To achieve this goal, The Sustainable Packaging Coalition created a clear and consistent recycling label that provided a corresponding informational website ( This provided companies with an easy solution to conform to the Federal Trade Commission’s “Green Guides”. There are many other recycling labels and symbols that exist, but the How2Recycle label is the only one that communicates effectively across all material types giving explicit directions to consumers to influence their recycling behavior. If consumers are uncertain, the label also specifies when a component of the packaging in not recyclable. Watch out, because this label will be appearing on more and more brands. The How2Recycle Label will be appearing on products like Minute Maid, Clorox, and products from Best Buy. The soft launch of this label will run the first quarter of 2013 followed by full implementation taking into consideration feedback form the soft launch. It is expected that 20 additional participants will be added after the soft launch and the label will appear on the majority of consumer product packaging in the next three years.

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