Rigid Packaging Solutions

Custom turned edge packaging solutions offer an elegant way to market and promote your brand. Whether you are selling a product, service, or simply raising awareness, take advantage of the versatility of turned edge. Also known as rigid packaging, turned edge refers to boxes, binders, and other packaging items that are made with durable chipboard with an exterior wrap. Choose from different fibers or provide your very own artwork to be adhered to the outside. This creates the look and feel of a hardcover textbook often seen with luxury retail products and high quality sales kits. Check out the video below to see how many different ways Sunrise Packaging can provide high quality packaging solutions made by an experienced turned edge manufacturer!

Customizable NetBox™:Same Size, Different Package

Both the Flashpad™ and Netbox™ are two of our top-selling items when it comes to custom manufacturing. Standard in size and tooling alone, the NetBox™ is a wonderful solution for retail, marketing, demonstration kits and more! Shown above are three variations of the exact same product. Choose material wrap and create very own graphic design so we can go ahead and manufacture a completely unique packaging solution for your brand and mission. The NetBox™ is a cigar-style box, complete with a cover flap and secure magnetic closure. Great for displaying multiple items inside because you don’t have to deal with the hassle of a two piece packaging solution. This product is easy opening, and with digital printing capabilities, we give you the option of putting artwork on the inside liner (notice on the Salad Shots box, they took advantage of the extra space). We couldn’t be happier with the reviews we have gotten from clients who love the NetBox™. So how about your business? How can we add value to your products and services with a branded NetBox™?

Wishing you a Happy Retirement: Farewell Steve!

Steve Sandahl - Invisible ManToday is a bittersweet day for us at Sunrise Packaging, Inc. because we are saying goodbye to one of our long time Packaging Solutions Experts. Steve Sandahl has been a part of the Sunrise Packaging team since 1987- that’s right, he has dedicated almost 30 years of hard work and dedication to our company and we will be forever grateful. A reliable resource in the packaging industry, Steve has seen our business markets shift from cassette packaging, VHS, CD and DVD packaging to more custom, high end marketing and retail packaging solutions- talk about adaptability!

One of the many ways Steve has contributed to our success is his willingness to really listen to our clients needs and help them create a packaging solution that exceeds their expectations. Around here, he was known as one of our “sample masters”; always piecing together custom packaging elements to create something truly unique for his customer. From high end, turned edge sales kits to simple USB Flashpad™ packaging, Steve Sandahl has truly been an expert in his field. Always a positive attitude and a wealth of knowledge to share with the team, we are going to miss Steve tremendously.

While we would like to think he will miss us too, Steve will be thoroughly enjoying his retirement with his beautiful family– his grandchildren are good at keeping him busy. Traveling, golf outings, and sunshine are all good things that Steve has to look forward to…maybe he’ll wander back into the office come January or February!

Wishing you a Happy Retirement!

SteveSteve Sandahl and wife Penny…cheers!

Not just from us at Sunrise! Here’s what some of your customer’s have to say:


First of all congratulations on your pending retirement !!  Must be very exciting !!  I wish you a very fulfilling retirement !!

Secondly, I want to express my sincere appreciation for your service to Entegris (and certainly the work I am involved with), your commitment to Entegris interests and requirements, and your professionalism !!  I can say that in my involvement with you and your team these elements of our business relationship were quite tangible !!  Thank you !!

Best regards, Dolan Rossi


Congratulations on your retirement!  It’s been a pleasure working with you over the years.  Enjoy, relax and have fun.

All the best,

Peggy Pearson

Hi Steve,

 Congratulations on your retirement!  I’m sure the initial adjustment from working to relaxation will be a little challenging at first but I’m confident you’ll get the swing of it in no time.  🙂

 I’ve enjoyed working with you these last few years and wish you the best in this new phase of your life.


 Camille Woodbury

Brian Tracy International

I have to say congratulations and I’m saddened to lose a wonderful rep, but happy for you in your decision. I wish you the best. It has been a real pleasure to work with you. You must tell the new rep how difficult I can be:) I pray you a have a wonderful, relaxing, do-what-you-want retirement.



Ingram Entertainment


Turned Edge, Hardcover Versatility

Here at Sunrise Packaging, we try our best to provide clients with the resources, materials, and information in order make an informed decision regarding their needs and preferences for their packaging solutions projects. While we have in the past offered e-flute corrugated options as well as SBS paperboard and poly materials, our in-house specialty is definitely turned edge, also known as rigid construction. The use of durable chipboard and a custom wrap of our clients’ choosing offers an affordable and effective way to stand out among competitors whether the package is for marketing promotions or even a retail product. The three items shown above have all been produced by us with custom turned edge. Ranging from a large intricate sales kit for a tool set, to a simple Flashpad with particularly thick foam and then on to a simple setup box with a bare inside- turned edge packaging solutions are so customizable that all of these products were feasible under the same roof. As a turnkey manufacturing house, we pride ourselves in the ability to source correct materials, print any graphic design or artwork, and of course create a final product that is fulfilled and ready to ship. While turned edge is not a household term, we like to refer to it as hardcover because it is the same way a hardcover text book is made. To see more pictures of the wide variety of turned edge products we have made, we invite you to visit our google+ page or even our tumblr.

Formed Window in Rigid Box

windowed boxThe two piece setup box pictured here is clean, professional and durable. A retail and promotional package for a Made for iPhone Hearing Aid, the large box embodies the design and package construction similar to other Apple products. Rigid, turned edge boxes are perfect for these products because they extend the brand through simplistic design and high-quality set up. A smooth matte finish, the outside wrap intelligently uses clean white space to draw your attention to buzz words, and the product inside.

Recently at Sunrise Packaging, we have added clear thermoformed windowing to our long list of manufacturing capabilities. While the window on this box is produced differently than our NetBox Window, they both offer product display, protection and add value to the item. A thin gauge plastic is thermoformed to appropriate size of the box window and heat sealed to the blister coated liner and chipboard. Of course, the process to install a window in a setup box differs significantly from the NetBox  production, because that windowing is applied to a turned edge flat.

For true presentation in an enclosed package, a rigid box and clear plastic window is a high-end solution that combines the best of product display, graphic design and branding, and a protective, quality box.


Limited Edition Camera Box Set

This refined packaging solution creates a unique brand experience when being opened. The turned edge box and the entire set is made exclusively with paper, paying close attention to production sustainability. Introduced by Geometry Global Frankfurt, the Leica X2 Edition Fedrigoni, The Paper Skin is the main attraction in this high end box that we found on thedieline. Using a pearlescent Fedrigoni paper, the leather trim of the camera is replaced and becomes a part of the product. The collaboration between Fedrigoni and Leica Camera resulted in a tailor made product, packaging solution, and cohesive set that shows attention to detail and standards for high quality.

Key Surgical : Product Demo Kit

custom sales kit presentationHigh-end marketing kits for product demonstration and sales are some of the most intricate, custom packaging solutions that we get the opportunity to manufacture. Recently we had the pleasure of working with Key Surgical to create a product demonstration kit.

A trusted provider of sterile processing, operating room and instrument care supplies, Key Surgical has over 3,000 products that are used by hospitals and surgical centers around the world. Located in Eden Prairie Minnesota, their close proximity to our Blaine location allowed for close collaboration in the production of their case. Used mostly by sales representatives, this product demonstration kit needed to fulfill the following basic needs; represent Key Surgical as a brand, securely hold all pieces to keep everything organized, and sturdy construction protecting the case in travel and repetitive use.

Key Surgical product showcase“Our products are of the highest quality so we wanted to prove that real-time when we’re with a customer,” U.S. Director of Sales, Rebecca Radtke explained about representing Key Surgical with this kit. As a brand, Key Surgical is vibrant and colorful. They have taken on the challenge of incorporating lively colors to their product line and marketing efforts in an otherwise mundane marketplace. For example, Key Surgical’s Instrument Tip Caps for protecting sharp instruments and O.R. Supplies use bright blues, reds, oranges, and purples that simultaneously liven up the product line and offer ease of identification. The use of color in Key Surgical products and branding is apparent in this kit through the display of the colorful instruments, bright blue foam, and the color coordinating legend for reference.

As you can imagine, surgical instruments are often small and delicate, which means this product kit needed to securely hold all pieces and keep everything organized. Layers of custom die-cut foam were made for this kit to assist in presentation and organization. Each instrument has its designated place in this kit, shown by the legend included on the inside cover. With all items provided to us, we were able to ensure an accurate fit for each cavity. Key Surgical opted for layers of interchangeable trays which aids in smooth presentation and the ability to focus on or pass around a particular set. Thumb notches on each layer make accessibility hassle-free. Radtke states, “This product showcase piece was designed with a need for our sales reps to be able to bring actual products to our customers so they can see, feel and try out the product for themselves.” Aside from display benefits, foam trays safeguard individual items from damage so customers can examine each instrument unscathed.

Finally, the product demonstration kit needs to accommodate the needs of Key Surgical sales representatives when traveling. Explained by Product Marketing Manager, Alana Suomela, “It had to be robust. These most often are traveling by plane with the reps and in and out of taxi cars, etc.  But they also needed to be slim enough in size that these can fit into a carry-on piece of luggage for a one or two day trip and still allow the traveler enough room for their personal items.” Turned edge, also referred to as hardcover (similar to a textbook), is an extremely reliable option for creating an esthetically pleasing package without sacrificing durability. Combine durable turned edge with convenient carrying handles and a secure button closure, and you end up with a robust traveling case capable of putting on the miles.

Turned Edge Poker Chip Set

Who says poker chips need to come in a box or briefcase?  This unique case for a special edition set of poker chips takes all of the elements of durable packaging, custom graphic design, and accessible cavities and creates one, cohesive solution for promotional purposes. The 77-Year anniversary set of poker chips is held in die-cut cavities each with thumb notches for easy access. If you look closely at the spine of the piece, you will notice that the board was simply folded over on each side two create a dual layer effect. The bottom layer remained intact, while the interior was die-cut to hold the chips. A clever, economical, and highly efficient way to manufacture this case that saved our staff time and our clients money. High-quality turned edge production combined with our customer’s artwork guarantees a unique package.

Thermoformed Plastic Clamshells

Clear plastic clamshells are a huge asset to retail packaging solutions. They offer security and visibility in one compact piece. Unique clamshells that are tailored specifically to product are often custom made with inline thermoforming manufacturing. Plastic material is roll-fed in to the former and takes shape of the Teflon coated aluminum tool that is being applied. Watch the YouTube video below to see how aluminum tooling is produced:

Starting in March 2014, we will start to offer a stock option for this useful and relevant packaging solution. Easy to order online or a simple phone call, stock plastic clamshells eliminate the need to invest in tooling which can incur initial cost. If product and graphic inserts fit into any of the options we have available, then stock clamshells are your best option. Economically sound, made from recycled material, and easy to open functionality make these clamshells a win-win packaging solution.



Hard Cover Ring Metal Albums

This Permavue album and many other like it benefit from our two main specialties: custom thermoforming and turned edge production. Perfect for literature, audio books, learning programs, music or self improvement, Permavue albums are a great solution for providing a high quality custom case at very large runs. With both hard cover production and in house thermoforming, each aspect of the case can be manufactured and put together under one roof. A feature seldom discussed that adds to this item is the functionality of the thermoformed tray. Not only does it offer extra protection and space for the contents, it also acts a closure for the entire piece, keeping it properly sealed shut to prevent damage, theft, and tampering.