Liquor Packaging for Premium Spirit(s)

Premium. Artisanal. Top shelf. They all describe a certain product and imply the highest quality. And that's a key part of liquor sales. Liquor packaging is focused on bringing that brand quality to mind, but needs it's a bit of a balancing act. 

Liquor retail packaging can run the gamut, but it's understandably reduced to just the bottles themselves. Limited shelf space means lots of competition, and if your odd-sized container doesn't fit? Well, unless you have an enthusiastic, established customer base, chances are you're going to be discontinued quickly. However, that's not the case with a product like Jagermeister, or Veuve Cliquot champagne, and others. 

Established Liquor Packaging Takes Chances

When your brand is established, the risk of being "disco'd" dwindles down to zilch. In fact, releasing limited editions of spirits with unique boxes and accessories can drive sales up without raising the ire of your store associates. 

In the example to the side, you can see an extremely limited edition gift set for Jagermeister. This gift set included special tasting glasses and other limited, exclusive paraphernalia. For brand fans--and for this particular spirit, there are many--it's a slam dunk purchase. Aiding the sale of this gift set is the attractive packaging. Black soft touch, with gold foil stamp, makes this set look as lush as the product it holds.  And with the liquor packaging market on the grow, we wouldn't be surprised to see more high quality liquor boxes like this on store shelves more often than just the holidays.

Premium Brands Use Premium Packaging

Whether your customer base is looking for a smooth vodka, aged bourbon, or small vineyard productions, the packaging is what will ultimately draw them in to even try your product. Make it an experience for them. 

When your ready to get serious about your liquor packaging, call Sunrise for our years of both retail experience and knowledge in this market!