Jay Leno to Speak at Pack Expo- Chicago

lenoIt was announced on March 18th, that Jay Leno will be a part of the Pack Expo International as a part of the Lecture series. The event that runs in Chicago November 2-5, 2014 will be one for the books now that recently retired late-night comedian will be there to liven things up a bit. PMMI, who puts on the event expects the Chicago expo to attract 2,000 exhibitors to a 1.1 million square foot space. The popularity and success of the events can be attributed to the way PMMI has centered their approach on customer needs and preferences. Adding a legend like Leno can’t hurt popularity either. Sunrise Packaging is excited to exhibit at this event, as it will be our first time as more than just a spectator!

Also new to the Pack Expo International show is the co-location of Pharma Expo, which is an exciting development that opens the door to new business networking opportunities in automation developments, secure clean room packaging, as well as marketing kits and sales materials. Mark your calendar!

Design Packaging with Crowdsourcing Input

heinekenflaskCrowdsourcing has proven to be a valuable resource for packaging design and marketing strategy. A recent press release from Heineken explained that their firm is using a website to leverage crowdsourcing in their packaging design. Crowdsourcing is defined as the practice of obtaining needed services, ideas, or content by soliciting contributions from a large group of people– especially from an online community. According to Van Iterson, Head of Brand Design and Concept team, they have been crowdsourcing for over ten years. In their online format, IdeasBrewery.com, they bring a structured approach to the concept of crowdsourcing. They have brought in input from design professionals, packaging materials experts and more. The feedback they have gotten from crowdsourcing has resulted in package designs that have gone into commercial production. With interest in all demographic groups, Heineken used targeted crowdsourcing to gain insight on demands from Europe’s 60 plus population. They found that factors such as easy opening, container size, and carrying features are motives in their brand choice. Once they narrowed down features they want and need to include, they were able to create a custom package targeted toward one of the more sizable portion of their customer base.

Blog Source: PackWorld

Connect Social Media Efforts with Packaging

I think we can all agree that social media is an easy and effective way to interact with your consumers and build that relationship. However, sometimes there can be a missing link between this awesome virtual tool and the literal interaction your customer has with your product. Here are some things that can make that connection:

– Smack it right on the package! Sometimes consumers won’t bother to search for you facebook or twitter after they have purchased your product. Make it obvious that your out there, even give an incentive for “liking” you!

– Use QR codes. We love QR codes at Sunrise Packaging, mostly because not a lot of people know who we are. We like to throw a QR code on our business cards and products that will bring consumers right to our site with a thorough explanation of what we’re all about.social media

– Ask for feedback because if you’re customers are anything like me, once you ask the question you’d better be ready to listen. And that can be a great thing for businesses! However, if you never ask for feedback you will never know how to better serve.

-Create an app. Anything that will make it easier for customers to choose you, or at least maintain that connection.

Manufacturers Benefit from Social Media

social media marketingSince technology has changed the way consumers make purchasing decisions, it has also changed the way brokers and manufacturers do business. The internet is constantly at our fingertips whether on our computers at work or home, on our cell phones and other devices. This form of communication has taken over the way we communicate in our personal and professional roles, and social media outlets take the cake. Whether it is Facebook,, Twitter, or LinkedIn, these networks make tremendous impact on business communication. Due to this focus shift, manufacturers need to change their marketing approach as well. The end goal of all marketing is to connect with customers in order to increase sales and business opportunities. While manufacturers deal with organizations, sales come from customers. Manufacturers need to go where the people and connect with them, and social media is a great way to do this on a large scale. Using social media, manufacturers must build a stronger online presence by doing the following; getting found and connecting with new customers, showcasing products and services, establishing their credibility as an organization, and drive website traffic for customers to learn more about their business.

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YouTube: Starbucks Sales Kit

We have just posted a new YouTube video highlighting one of our favorite custom packaging projects from this year. This sales kit of Starbucks coffee is the perfect example of what we at Sunrise Packaging love to do! Check out this and more videos on Sunrise’s YouTube.

This sales kit highlights Starbucks products in a custom package. Turned edge with a high quality wrap, screen printed logo, and die-cut foam all come together for a collaborative representation of a great company.

Marketing to Consumer Community

marketing packagingThe digital push is continuously reshaping our world and how we perceive truths. The most malleable truth being the decisions and choices consumers make. Today, consumers trust what their friends say on social media sites such as facebook and twitter moreso than the marketing messages created by companies. Whether beneficial or detrimental- internet conversations play a central role in consumer decision. People spend a lot of time in the virtual world and with mobile technology this is happening more often on-the-go. Many marketing efforts are successful through packaging because it is guaranteed to be seen by YOUR consumer. Community is important to people and many times customers look to their preferred brands for a sense of community with the things they are interested in. Most consumers want their version of a certain product so no more than ever mass produced products are transforming into mass customization options. Today, the goal is not for a marketer to make broad claims that capture a large audience– the ideal is for them to have a one-on-one relationship with each consumer to keep them captivated. For retailers and advertisers alike, their best resource to cultivate one-on-one relationships through marketing will be their printers and packagers. Using custom and community driven digital printing on product packaging will be recognized by consumers and encourage a consumer following.

Blog Source- Packaging Nirvana by Mike Ferrarri

Marketing with NFC

Near field communication (NFC) has offered a new marketing tool unlike any that have come before it. The NFC is a set of standards for devices, like smartphones, to establish radio communication with each other by touching them together or bringing them close together. This allows for the exchange and duplication of data, but it also offers a great tool for commerce. NFC devices can be used in contactless payment systems allowing for mobile payment to replace or supplement other payment systems currently used in credit cards and electronic ticket cards. Most recently, Kraft Foods has piloted an NFC trial at grocery stores that show high engagement levels (compared to QR codes). For this trial, RFID chips that are readable by NFC-enabled devices were placed in signs on the shelves in front of certain products. This allowed consumers to tap their smartphones and gain access to recipe content, download the Food Assistant app or share information on Facebook. The benefits of this technology compared to others is that this is a frictionless technology. Users don’t have to download an app if they don’t want to. Like we saw in the tips for a great point of purchase display, this technology has an immediate call to action that calls for a simple tap with your phone. Results of the trial showed that the overall ‘tap’ engagement level was 12 times higher than for the QR codes that accompanied the RFID chips. Also, more than 36% of shoppers that took advantage of this marketing tool converted it into an action- like saving a recipe or downloading the Kraft app. In-store marketing has only 5-10 seconds to grab the consumer’s attention, however when NFC was involved the consumer spent up to 48 seconds engaged increasing that chance of purchase ten-fold.

Source: AIPIA

Business to Business Marketing

A new study from the Content Marketing Institute shows that content marketing is now becoming a key element in business to business (B2B) marketing. This organization is the leading global content marketing education and training organization. The Content Marketing Institute teaches enterprise brands how to attract and retain customers through a variety of marketing channels. They found that regardless of the company size, 9 out of 10 business organizations now market with content. B2B organizations are using an average of 12 common tactics, the most popular being; social media, articles on their website, eNewsletters, and blogs. What has changed in this year is the more frequent use of social media. The use of social media for these organizations has and continues to grow with 87% of B2B marketers using social media to distribute business content- this has increased 13% from the previous year with the most popular social media channels being LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

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Why Should Small Businesses Use Social Media Outlets?

Small businesses do not necessarily benefit profit wise from social media outlets. Social media means so much more than bringing in sales. Sometimes it is hard for companies to see the importance of social media outlets because it does not generate any revenue. Social media outlets are a personal connection that enhances your company’s credibility.

There are a number of things that your social media activity says about your company. It shows you are creditable, loyal, trusting, and caring. These outlets provide the opportunity to connect with customers and develop a relationship. Everyone knows that in business relationships are the most important aspect. So should small businesses cut out social media? No way.

What to do when you are in a Social Media Marketing Slump

Social media marketing can be tricky at times. Small businesses are a category that especially struggles with social media marketing. When looking to develop a marketing strategy, there are five steps to help with the process.

Step one is to invest in a real website. Having a real website just for your business builds brand recognition. This also helps engage potential customers and help build SEO for search engines.

Step two is to know your keywords. Knowing your keywords and what people will search for when looking for your kind of business is very important. This also helps you build your website so your SEO keywords are optimized.

Step three is to listen. Listening to where your customers are at in the social media world will really help you save time. Being where your customers are allows for higher optimization. If your customers are scattered out, pick two to three that are most relevant.

Step four is to start blogging. This allows you to share your expertise, techniques, and success stories. Using keywords in your blogs also helps when people are browsing.

Step five is to share helpful content. Being seen as a resource is one of the best techniques for social media. Share everything you know, even information of another company in your industry. This shows that you are trustworthy and will help you build friendships.


Source: nytimes.com