Canada Passes Law For Graphic Cigarette Packaging

Graphic cigarette packaging has been all over the news in recent months mainly coming out of Australia. But while Australia still waits for senate approval to pass a law requiring graphic packaging for cigarettes, Canada has beat them to the punch.

Sixteen separate graphic warnings, such as a cancer-infected mouth or an emaciated cancer-stricken women, will cover 75 per cent of the front and back of Canada’s cigarette packaging. Every package will also contain a toll-free number making it easier for smokers to get advice about quitting. The big difference between legislation in Canada and Australia is that Canada will still allow companies to use their long-established trademarks and logos to differentiate brands. Australiais calling for plain cigarette packaging with no brand distinction.

The health industry has praised the move while tobacco companies argue that minimal impact from the graphic packaging will be had because the public has been well aware of the health risks of smoking for years. In Australia, tobacco companies say removal of branding on cigarette packaging breaks international trade obligations.

Canada retailers will have until June of 2012 to comply with the new law. If Australia gets the law passed, all cigarette brands will be sold in olive green packaging with graphic warnings sometime in July of 2012.

We don’t like to get political on our blog too often but it begs the question. Is this legislation going to far? Or is it warranted?

“Disposable. Just Another Word for Garbage.”

I came across a great ad campaign designed by Brunner for Zippo Manufacturing Co.  This collection of print ads brings perspective to the eco-conscious consumer.  It reminds people that for lighters, a refillable Zippo is the greener choice.  One lighter may not seem like much waste, but when you see these pictures, you can really see that it adds up in our landfills.

reusable zippo lighter

Their tagline, “Disposable.  Just another word for garbage.” can really get people thinking.  This was a very clever way to show how Zippo stands out from the competition of disposable lighters, and it reminds people to be more environmentally-friendly.

durable cd dvd album caseZippo lighters are refillable and durable, making them guaranteed for life.  Just like that, we have our Dura Series of CD/DVD albums.  These long-lasting albums with extra reinforced spine hinges are made to withstand frequent opening and closing.  And since they are so durable, they happen to be our most popular library packaging product.  With the clear overlay and nickel-plated ring metals, these albums can be used over and over again.

bic lighter usb flash driveDid you give up smoking and no longer have a need for your favorite Zippo lighter?  Reuse that lighter to make your own stylish USB drive.  Or if you have a few old BIC lighters laying around, you can turn those into USB drives, as well!  These designs make your USB drives more creative and fun, but don’t forget about USB flash drive cases to help store and protect your devices!