Why Businesses use Google+ Pages


Google+ Pages, similar to the old fashioned Yellow Pages, allows businesses to connect with customers on a interactive level. While many businesses manage a number of social media outlets, why should they add Google+ Pages to the list?

The biggest reason businesses use Google+ Pages is because of the connections it provides. Each month, over 1 billion people use Google’s search engine. Google+ Pages show up in search results. “Direct Connect” allows users to type a “+” in front of the company’s name and they will be directly connected to the company’s Google+ Page. People who have a personal Google+ account can “+1” your company and be able to read every post and also talk with your employees face-to-face. All these connections result in better social search rankings. Sales is another connection that Google+ excels at. When someone +1 your page it opens up a lot of opportunities. This direct action allows you to have a direct response.

The features Google+ has also is a big enough reason for a business to jump on the bandwagon. “Hangouts” allows your team to work on shared files in Google Docs from remote locations. These “hangouts” can also be used for communication of ideas and notes. Your suggestions within these discussions can also be commented on by your customers.

Google+ Pages are a great way to build SEO, connect with your customers, and provides features to help enhance your business team.

Optimization is Going Social

So I’m sure somewhere you have heard the words: search engine optimization or SEO. If you haven’t, SEO is the process of improving ranking in search engine results. As social media is becoming a popular means of marketing, the need for optimization is present, which is where SMO comes into play. SMO stands for social media optimization and is the process of building a company’s social role on the web with the intent of attracting unique visitors to website content.

Social media optimization helps to build brand image and spread the word around. By doing so, it helps to identify those who are genuinely interested in a business. SMO, when combined with SEO, can help achieve higher benefits and build a reputable presence online. SMO allows to produce an interaction and an understanding of the market and audience.

Social media optimization provides many benefits for a business. It can be a very helpful and an easy to use tool for anyone trying to create awareness and interact with an audience.
Here are some of the benefits SMO provides:

* Increases linkability
* Helps content travel
* Encourages participation
* Potential to reach vast amounts of people
* A variety of social media tools are available to try
* Increases visibility and awareness
* The ability to give social media a soul allows for personalization

SMO is a great tool for any business in any industry. The best part is that since there is so many outlets to use, if one doesn’t work, you can move on to the next until you find some thing that works.

Misspellings and Website Traffic

If you are like Sunrise Packaging, you have put a lot of work into search engine optimization (SEO) in order to further generate traffic to your Website. You have chosen keywords that make sense for your business and implanted them into your site. When a prospective customer goes to Google (or Yahoo! or any other search engine) and types in one of your keywords, you want your Website to pop up above your competitors’ sites.

misspellings-traffic-flow-search-engine-optimization-google-web-siteWhat if that prospective customer spells your keyword wrong? Will your site still show up number one? Will it even show up at all? If you’re clever, you will.

Take a look at your keyword and brainstorm the common ways they can be misspelled. As an example, “disc” could be typed in as “disk” or “business” could be misspelled as “busness”.

Find the best misspellings and create a doorway or portal page on your host with these misspelled words redirecting any searches to that page to your main Web site. By researching misspelled words and submitting a portal page to search engines, you can alleviate the problems caused by misspelled keyword searches and can generate more traffic to your site.

Related to search engine misspellings is “typo squatting:” a form of cyber squatting, which relies on misspellings of Web addresses when they are typed into a Web browser. If an internet user intended to visit Sunrise Packaging’s Web site (sunpack.com) and instead typed in sunpak.com, they could be led to an alternative Website operated by a cyber squatter.

If someone already has one of your misspelled domain names, is not an actual business competitor and is clearly exploiting your brand you can send a cease and desist letter to attempt to stop the activity or you can attempt to purchase the domain name from the offender, which may have been the offender’s aim all along.

Web-site-traffic-domain-nameThis exploitation of domain names can be avoided by purchasing common misspellings of your Web address and then rerouting users who type the misspelled Web addresses back to your actual site. Purchasing common misspellings of your Web address can be beneficial to you on another level. If potential customers are searching for your company by typing in your supposed domain name, they will be easily transferred to your site, increasing quality traffic.

Don’t fret over the possibility that your Web site is receiving less hits due to common spelling mistakes. Take advantage of those mistakes in a way that your competitors may not have thought of yet, and give yourself an edge in your market!