Is it the End of Print?

When is the last time you read a paperback or hardcover book?

a. Just recently
b. Never, I hate reading
c. What is a paperback or hardcover book?

If you responded with c, I want to first inform you that books are those things with pages and second, you may be one of many who have ditched actual tangible books and have hopped on the eBook and e-reader bandwagon. Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook, and the Sony E-Reader are just a few of the electronic book readers changing the landscape of how we read. And for the first time, Amazon’s sales of their electronic books for their Kindle have overtaken those of printed versions. For every 100 printed books, Amazon sells 105 electronic ones. It would be unrealistic to think that this could never happen, but now that it has, it is interesting to know how popular eBooks and e-readers have become. E-readers possess qualities like easier portability, ease of use, and they have the ability to purchase books instantly from the device, among other features. They are also a more eco-friendly version to reading as well as more functional.

So what does this mean for printed books? Only time will tell. But in the mean time, marketers can step up their skills and create something unique to keep printed books in the minds of consumers.

Impact of Custom Packaging on Consumer Buying Behavior

Though some are skeptical on the impact custom packaging has on consumer behavior, there are reasons why the packaging industry is one of the largest in the world. The bottom line is that companies pay lots of money for custom packaging because custom packaging is a wonderful marketing tool that contributes to growth and sales.

I ran across another study that shows the importance custom packaging has on the consumer buying process. Here are some of the highlights:

– 90% of consumers preferred buying products with packaging, 10% preferred products without packaging.

– When ranking the importance of three main characteristics of consumer products, packaging was #1 in importance:

            1. Packaging
            2. Quality
            3. Price

– On the relationship of strong brands and packaging….89% said yes that it’s important for a strong brand to feature good packaging. 11% said packaging was not an important element of a strong brand.

– When asked “Have you ever purchased a product based on it’s packaging?”, 84% said yes and 16% said no.

– 45% said that they would pay 5% more for a product with good packaging and would consider switching brands based on packaging alone.

Seasonal Packaging Goes Green

Christmas is still months away, but Nestle is already thinking about their seasonal packaging and going green for the holidays. In the past, chocolate makers have often been known for wasteful and unnecessary packaging, especially for special seasonal promotions. This is the new target to work on, and Nestle is going at it.

Custom-Packaging-Boxes-Nestle-Seasonal-Green-Eco-FriendlyAccording to Food Production Daily, Nestle will be making all of its Christmas selection custom boxes fully recyclable. One change they made was removing the plastic inserts that held the chocolate bars in place and replacing them with a card presentation tray. This way, the chocolate can still be nicely displayed in the custom box and be easily recycled when you are finished with it. This is one step for Nestle to be more environmentally-friendly in their packaging to reduce waste and address the concerns of their environmentally-conscious customers.

Blu-Ray Sales Continue to Soar

There have been doubts about whether or not the high-quality Blu-ray format would succeed like DVDs did in the past. With the high costs of the technology and the worries of the shaky economy, many did not think that people would want to pay the price to switch over to Blu-ray.

blu-ray disc rising technologyThe numbers show differently, as revealed by Adams Media Research. Blu-ray sales so far in 2009 have nearly doubled the amount of Blu-ray sales from the same time last year. Q1 sales are around 9 million in 2009, compared to 4.8 million for Q1 of 2008. To go along with that, there is an estimated total of 10.5 million Blu-ray households to date. stock blu-ray cases

People know the value of the much better quality that the Blu-ray format provides, as it shows in the sales. They are willing to spend a little more for this, despite the struggling economy. Blu-ray discs need to stand out on the shelf and be differentiated from the standard DVDs. With high-quality Blu-ray cases, customers know that they are getting what they pay for–superior technology.