Retro Cereal Boxes Make a Comeback at General Mills

The Dieline recently posted that cereal giant General Mills is going retro by releasing the 80’s versions of their cereal packaging! The 80’s style packaging is set to run February 7th – mid March, while supplies last. The “retro” theme by General Mills is also partnering with popular iconic retro brand, Atari! We’ve had a few posts about how nostalgic effects on packaging can be a huge hit, so we’re sure that General Mills will have no problem selling these retro cereal boxes!

“It’s time to bust out those sweat bands, leg warmers, and neon accessories, and head to your local Target, as Big G cereals are bringing back their “Retro” themed packaging for the fifth time, 80’s style. Starting February 7 through mid-March, while supplies last, these limited-edition Big G cereal boxes are sure to turn heads down Target’s cereal aisle with their totally radical retro look.

“Partnering with Atari made the opportunity even more exciting as they celebrate their 40th Anniversary milestone. It doesn’t get more iconic than retro Atari games!”

“With the comeback of classic movies, late night TV shows, and neon colors on the runway, this year’s decision to highlight the 80’s was simple – it’s on trend,” said Tara Johnson, integrated marketing communications manager at General Mills. “Partnering with Atari made the opportunity even more exciting as they celebrate their 40th Anniversary milestone. It doesn’t get more iconic than retro Atari games!”

Consumers are drawn to nostalgia, and that’s exactly what Big G is bringing to the table this year with graphics from Atari classics like Asteroids, Centipede, and Missile Command featured on the back of each participating cereal. Navigate your way through breakfast with Big G cereals and the Asteroids maze, finding the clone and testing your knowledge with Atari trivia. Once packages hit Target stores, consumers can also check out to further test their skills at Centipede and to enter in a sweepstakes for a chance to win Target Gift Cards and Atari merchandise.”

Check out ’80s-themed General Mills Packaging’ to see The DieLine’s complete post and more retro cereal packaging photos!

Source: The Dieline

Old Vinyl Records Pump Up the Volume

Need an amplifier to pump up the volume on your smartphone? How about “Change the Record”. That’s the newly designed product from London-based Paul Cocksedge. Old vinyl records are reused and then turned into a stylish, retro amp that has the vintage look of a phonograph. Of all the reused products I’ve seen, this might be the coolest one. The best part is that there’s no need for wires or electricity.

The 12″ records are heated and molded into a sound-enhancing conic shape which boosts the volume of the music being played from a smartphone. Of course there’s no volume adjustment but this beauty is all about aesthetics.


Box of Vision – The Ultimate CD Case!

In September, a new compilation of digitally remastered Beatles Albums will be available. The people at BoxOfVistion, LLC have come up with a great box to hold the new discs.

The Box of Vision (BoV) itself is beautifully covered in linen with a picture of the band and a silver foil Beatles logo and accents. The graphic on one side look like a stack of LPs giving the box a great retro look.

Inside are three books chronicling the band and their albums and a unique storage system to hold 32 Beatles Albums on CD. The system is built specifically to store the 32 CDs and CD booklets that comprise THE BEATLES core album catalog, from PLEASE PLEASE ME through LOVE. There are five beautiful art adorned page spreads where CD booklets can be stored in one-to-one correspondence with their accompanying CDs.

As you can see, custom packaging can add value or even be a stand alone product. You can read more or order the BoV at