Where Can You Recycle DVD Cases?

Ever wonder what to do with all of your old DVD cases when you switch to storing your discs in multi-disc DVD casesblack premium dvd case reuse or DVD albums? They are not curbside recyclable, but there are still other options to get rid of your old cases without having to throw them in a landfill.

First, a good idea is to see if anyone else can reuse your old DVD cases. A number of places would love to take them off of your hands:

  • libraries,
  • schools, and
  • churches

These types of organizations always need replacement DVD cases for their media collections. Some schools have classes where students create videos on DVD and they could use cases to display and protect their projects.

reduce reuse recycle dvd casesDonate
Another place to donate would be Goodwill or another thrift store. They receive donations of discs without cases or with broken cases, and it would be much easier to sell a DVD with a case. They could also just sell the empty cases. Video rental stores or any store that sells used DVDs would also gladly take your used cases as replacements.

Or there are websites like Freecycle where you can post items that you would rather give away than create waste by throwing them in the garbage.

If the cases are broken or they cannot be reused for some reason, there are still other alternatives to throwing them away. You can’t put DVD cases in your curbside recycling bin, but you can check with your local recycling center to see if they will take them. Earth911.com can help you find a local recycling center for certain types of materials.

There are other centers that we found where you can send in your old DVD cases. There is not charge, but they may ask for a small donation to help cover costs:

Plastic Recycling, Inc.
2015 S. Pennsylvania St.
Indianapolis, IN 46225

CD Recycling Center
68H Stiles Road
Salem, NH 03079

There are plenty of options available to reduce waste by having your DVD cases reused or recycled, rather than just throwing them in the garbage. Just another way you can be more environmentally-friendly.

2009 DUMP & KEEP Awards for Packaging

Environment Victoria in Australia announced their National DUMP Awards (Damaging and Useless Materials in Packaging) to draw public and business attention to the negative environmental impact caused by unnecessary packaging. Along with that, they presented their National KEEP Awards (Kerbing the Environmental Effect of Packaging) to spotlight environmentally friendly packaging.

According to their studies, 44 percent of packaging dump awards lemonsin Australia gets thrown in a landfill, and packaging materials make up 58 percent of litter. The awards were started to acknowledge those doing packaging right and to pressure companies with wasteful packaging to change their ways.

Topping off the DUMP list was the 5 pack of lemons by Coles Supermarkets. Not only is packaging unnecessary for lemons, but they are also using materials that are not environmentally friendly. The lemons were placed in a flexible tray and then surrounded in a flexible wrap. Neither form of packaging was labeled recyclable.

Not all companies were being criticized. Jarrah instant coffee by Associated keep awards eco-friendly JarrahBritish Foods ranked high on the KEEP list. Instant coffee used to typically be placed in glass jars, which weighed much more than the product itself. Instead of using a non-recyclable multi-material jar, they switched to a recyclable, single plastic container. They have clearly visible recycling symbols and a perforated line for effortless removal of the label before recycling.

By showcasing the winners of both the DUMP Awards and the KEEP Awards, Environment Victoria is able to both inform consumers about recycling and encourage businesses to use sustainable packaging.