Sustainable Packaging Emerging in Beauty Products

Beauty products are saying goodbye to old plastic packaging and focusing on sustainable packaging. This is because two major players- Whole Foods and Procter & Gamble – are passing new regulations for sustainable and recyclable packaging.

Whole Foods’ new regulation goes in effect this month and requires suppliers to use packaging materials that are easily reused or recycled, are non-toxic, and call for a switch from plastic to glass whenever possible. Strengthening their commitment to reducing, reusing, and recycling waste is the main objective. Whole Foods has switched to post-consumer recycled bottles for most of their store-brand personal care and nutritional supplement products. They have also implemented responsible packaging guidelines for all of the company’s personal care product suppliers (more than 1,300). The new regulations will cause many brands to adapt to their sustainable packaging objectives regardless of wherever else they are sold.

Over the next few years, Procter & Gamble will switch to sustainable packaging made from sugarcane produced in Brazil. P&G employed Brazilian supermodel and Pantene endorser Gisele Bundchen to announce the switch. The initiative will help meet the needs of women around the world who have been demanding more environmentally friendly products with no trade-offs in performance, aesthetic, or value.

Brands like The Body Shop and Stila have had a longer history of using green packaging but with the new changes from a giant like Procter & Gamble, it’s a sure sign of change in the mainstream marketplace.

Top 10 Green US Brands

A recent survey shows the top green brands worldwide. The sample size was 9,022 and it was conducted February 27, 2010 to March 24, 2010. The study found that 60% of consumers around the world want to buy from environmentally responsible companies. In the US, 35% surveyed said they plan to spend more to buy green products, down 4% from 2009. Further, almost 80% of US respondents said they were more concerned about the economy than the environment. So here is the Top Ten US Green Brands in 2010:

10. IKEA– Never ending quest of sustainability

9. Microsoft– Innovating to improve the planet

8. Publix– Get into a green routine

7. SC Johnson– Improving products, reducing resources, strengthening communities

6. Aveeno– Nature + Science

5. Google– Helping to build a clean energy future

4. Trader Joe’s– Natural, hard to find foods

3. Tom’s of Maine– Green care products made responsibly

2. Whole Foods Market– Implementing the Green Mission

1. Burt’s Bees– Best for you, the environment, and the greater good