CD/DVD Packaging Solutions under 50 Cents!

Companies are looking to cut costs in any way possible. While quality should never be sacrificed for the sake of saving a few pennies, you can realize cost savings by packaging your product as efficiently as possible. Sunrise is a custom packaging manufacturer and we firmly believe in the added value of custom packaging. We also know there are some projects where a custom solution is just not in the budget. We would like to show you a variety of high-quality CD/DVD packaging options that are all available for less than 50 cents!

stock premium black dvd cases under 50 centsFirst off, there are the standard size 14mm black CD/DVD cases. These cases feature quick release hub prongs that are strong and durable. They can hold up to two discs and include literature clips to hold DVD booklets or artwork. These are also available in either premium or standard qualities. The premium model cases are made from partially virgin material to protect your discs, and they are machine-loadable. This can save an enormous amount of time by not having to insert everything by hand. There are also premium quality cases made from 100% raw material in white. This is a great option for weddings or to package Wii gaming discs!

stock clamshell cshell cd dvd cases under 50 centsThere are also slim CD/DVD cases being introduced if you would like to save space without giving up quality or protection. There are premium quality slim 7mm DVD cases, as well as clam-shell cases, square-shell cases. These cases are all clear to display the artwork on the discs.

And for only a few pennies a disc, paper sleeves with a window, protect your discs from damage and display its artwork too.

There are even more CD/DVD case options to choose from. There are premium quality jewel cases available in either the standard 10.4mm style or the 5.2mm style. These cases offer high protection to prevent damage to your CDs/DVDs, and the clear cover allows artwork to be displayed. The trays are available in either black or clear, whichever best suits your needs.

stock blu-ray cases under 50 centsLastly, using Blu-Ray cases is another low cost approach to packaging your discs. There is a higher perception value associated with Blu-Ray discs, which should be matched with premium packaging. As soon as the customers see the signature clear-blue packaging, they will know that they are getting the high-definition Blu-Ray discs that they desire.

In the coming year, budgets are going to be tighter. With that in mind, Sunrise Packaging is proud to announce the new stock CD/DVD case product line that is currently being launched. These cases will be available for less than 50 cents each and many are priced under 25 cents! The 14mm DVD cases are now available for order, and the rest of the product line will be launched in February. Visit for more information.