What is the Recipe for Packaging?

I came across an introduction to the Brand Packaging’s Packaging That Sells V show that is scheduled for October 2009. They say:

“Your packaging is critical to your brand. It’s the last three feet and last three seconds (and the ultimate measure of success) of your marketing program. But, these days, packaging has to do more than just “pop” at the shelf; it must communicate the story of your brand and become an essential part of consumers’ daily lives. Is your packaging powered to do all that?”

This is so very true and good packaging design can help you make your product, your brand, and your packaging an “essential part of consumers’ daily lives.”

Examples of custom, limited edition, water bottles by Evain designed for different audiences.

Examples of custom, limited edition, water bottles by Evain designed for different audiences.

So you may ask, what’s the recipe for creating this type of packaging?

  1. Meaning: The first step in creating packaging that will communicate the story of your brand is to know what story you want to tell. People don’t want to simply purchase your brand they want to be apart of it and by knowing exactly what you want to communicate you can achieve this. Figure out your story and then try to make this visual through your packaging.
  2. Audience: Packaging is an interaction between the product, your brand, and the audience so to better communicate through your packaging you must know your audience. Knowing what they relate to, what issues affect them, and their lifestyle will allow you to create a packaging that centers on these things.
  3. Response: Once your brand has meaning, create a list of outcomes that your packaging could achieve. Think about your audience and what types of emotions, feelings, and reactions the product packing can evoke in your customers.
  4. Stay Informed: The last ingredient in the packaging recipe is to stay informed about your competition. This is a simple task that is often over looked. Staying on top of what the competitors are doing allows you to be innovative and stay ahead.

Put all these things together and your packaging will have a recipe for success.

So when the above quote asks you, “Is your packaging powered to do all that?” Your reply will be, “Yes it is!”

It’s The Packaging…

Your packaging is what first communicates with your customers. Obviously we feel that this message can not be stressed too much… At Sunrise, packaging is our passion.

And we are not the only people passionate about packaging. The Dieline.com recently wrote about artist, Justin Gignac, who packages and sells garbage from the streets of New York City.

Would you pay $10 for a clear cube filled with trash? What if it came from NYC and you knew it wouldn’t smell? What if it sold for $100? What if it looked pretty? What if it was art? Would you buy it then?

Mr. Gignac’s art may be an extreme example… However, if a picture is worth a thousand words, this cube of garbage selling for $100 speaks volumes about creativity and the value of packaging…

packaging garbage

A snap shot of the first page of Justin Gignac’s web site, http://www.nycgarbage.com/