E-Commerce Growth Expected This Holiday Season


Online marketers need to brace themselves for a good holiday season. That’s according to a panel of digital marketing experts who predict online sales will grow 12% in 2011.  Holiday sales are considered to be sales that take place in the months of November and December. 12% growth would match the same growth online sales experienced last year. In fact, online sales have grown every year since 2005 with the exception of 2008 where it was down 4%.

Most news regarding the global economy is doom & gloom. So how can these experts expect growth in an unforgiving recession? A high share of online consumers are affluent. These consumers are apt to spending a good amount of discretionary income when the stock market is healthy. But even stocks have been lagging and inconsistent this year. All of the quotes tied to the experts who predict a 12% growth in online sales this season allude to these points. Nevertheless, they’re still convinced that it’s going to be busy for ecommerce this holiday season. It’s worth noting that the economy was definitely an issue last year when ecommerce growth was 12% as well. We will hope for the best and know soon enough.  


Email Marketing Objectives

Email marketing is becoming an increasingly effective marketing tool and is replacing direct mail marketing more and more each day. Because of the recession, companies who may have taken longer to migrate to email marketing have done so sooner because of its cost effectiveness. Costs associated with mailing and printing are being avoided while marketers are thrilled with email marketing’s flexibility.

So what are you using email marketing for? What objectives are important to you and your bottom line? A recent “Email Marketing Benchmark Survey” was conducted by Marketing Sherpa. It shows which objectives are important and not-so-important to your peers who are relying more and more on email marketing. Here are the results from the six most important email marketing objectives that topped the list from the 1,493 respondents:

To no surprise, retaining existing customers was the most important objective. After all, keeping customers is a lot more cost-effective that finding new ones. Lead generation is typically more important to medium-sized companies than large ones as they are more agile and may be able to seize opportunities quicker to gain market share. B2C companies are putting more value into driving online sales with email marketing while B2B companies are relying on the medium more heavily to drive offline sales.

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