Going Back in Time With Retro Packaging

Packaging design is a critical decision making criteria for consumers. The first sense we use when we shop is our sight, which means we see packaging before we see the actual product. Marketers need to make sure packaging is appealing so it will entice consumers to make a choice and purchase. A new trend in packaging is going back in time and creating a retro look and feel. Retro packaging design adds a dash of nostalgia and curiosity. Below are three products that have embraced the retro trend and used the idea in their packaging design.

Doritos wanted to relaunch their taco flavor chips so they decided to reintroduce them in the original 1960s packaging. Consumers have made comments online about how much they miss the taco flavor. So Doritos listened to those people and brought the taco flavor and its retro packaging back to life. They also announced that the taco flavor will remain in the permanent product line-up.

When the very first washing machine was invented, Tide was a choice for detergent. Today Tide is still a choice for getting clothes clean. Tide wants consumers to enjoy their retro packaging, hoping it will bring some past memories back to life. Tide has been a trusted brand for over 50 years, and its retro packaging showcases how this brand has grown. The retro and vintage look of Tide’s limited edition packaging shows how it looked years ago, but has the same performance qualities we know today.

Celebrity Apprentice finalists meet 7UP as they designed retro packaging for their final task on the show. The retro look for 7UP displays the brand’s legacy from the 1970s and the 1980s. The retro designs showcase how 7UP is “The Uncola” with its crisp lemon-lime taste. It has been a great tasting brand for over 80 years, and the retro packaging lets consumers know how much it has evolved and stayed true to its roots.

Retro packaging is a creative way to bring nostalgia and uniqueness to packaging. It gives consumers a chance to see how packaging has evolved and grown. For others, it takes them back to when they got their first washing machine and used Tide to clean their clothes, or when they drank 7UP at a family picnic, or when they ate Taco Flavored Doritos when listening to the radio. Retro packaging lets consumers get involved with the packaging and product, giving them a chance to experience something vintage.

Mr. Bubble Turns 50!

The famous bubble bath product that we all know and love is celebrating its 50 year anniversary of filling bathtubs with bubbles and fun. Mr. Bubble was invented by Harold Schafer and the Gold Seal Company in 1961 and has been a household name for many since then. Mr. Bubble has made many improvements on its packaging over the years and to celebrate this milestone, Mr. Bubble is going to go through a packaging transformation. Mr. Bubble has been updated to be a more animated figure so that it can be more appealing to children. However, the new character will still maintain the nostalgia for the ones who grew up with Mr. Bubble years ago.

Throughout this year, all Mr. Bubble products will feature a birthday label to celebrate its 50-year history. Mr. Bubble will be surrounded by bubbles, balloons, streamers, and a birthday banner. The new packaging design features brighter colors and deeper dimensions to bring Mr. Bubble to life.