Nonprofit Marketing 2020 Plans

Nonprofits have unique needs that are different than for-profit organizations and corporations. Nonprofits want to grow their donations, increase volunteer interest, and more. It's about raising awareness and inspiring people to donate their money and their time. Which is why nonprofit marketing needs a leg up from time to time. 

Hubspot sums it up well:

...Marketing for nonprofits can help you attract new supporters for your cause, connect to valuable donors, engage your constituents, and inspire your community.

At Sunrise, we can help you create material that support these varied marketing needs and audiences. 

Supporting Nonprofit Marketing

At Sunrise, we have a variety of materials and products that can be easily adapted to the needs of nonprofits. Using a templated item reduces cost and increases efficiency and expediency. We can get it out to you for less. While that might sound a mite dismissive, know that the real branding and customization in many of our products comes in the finishing. 

Check out the example to the side. Custom pads created for Habitat for Humanity in their signature blue, with a quote from former President Carter on the inside facing the keys to the home. It's a total package that is not only a keepsake for the recipient, but a marketing piece in it's own right as well. 

Adapting to the Market

It's been a crazy year, and things don't really show any signs of slowing down. The services provided by nonprofits will be more in demand while donations will be down with the economy. However, the need to maintain branded materials won't disappear. And it might just prove to be more important than ever to maintain visibility and stay top of mind for those who do have the means to donate.

Make the most of what you can, and contact Sunrise to help in your packaging needs!

Packaging is Thinking Pink This Month

Fall has a new color and it no longer red, orange, and yellow. The month of October has transformed into the month of pink. Breast Cancer Awareness Month has made an impact on October and has evolved into more than just the familiar pink ribbon. Many companies have now been participating by using cause marketing and incorporating the color pink into their packaging.

Cause marketing involves cooperative efforts of a for profit and a non for profit company for a charitable cause. This gives corporations a chance to get involved in creating awareness and generating support for the cure. Also proceeds from the products using pink go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Creative initiatives such as raising awareness via Facebook and Twitter has also surfaced this month.

Pepperidge Farm is donating $0.50 to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for every Milano moment that is shared on the Milano Facebook page.

Campbell’s Soup is donating $250,000 to the foundation which is roughly 3.5 cents per pink can.

M&M sales will also contribute  to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.