Pantene Pro-V: Fused With Nature

Pantene Pro-V, a Proctor and Gamble product, is getting fused with natural components. Its new shampoo and conditioner bottles are being produced primarily from plant-based plastic to form packaging that is more eco-friendly. This new material is made from sugarcane and will launch in Europe. It will expand to the rest of the world over the next 2 years. Sugarcane is becoming a very popular material for packaging because it is a natural and renewable resource. 70% less fossil fuels are being used and it releases significantly less green house gases than traditional petroleum based plastics.

Sugarcane is better for the planet and it doesn’t alter the feel and look of the original packaging. The new eco-friendly bottle has the same physical characteristics of the old bottle. This is the first hair care brand to use sugarcane for their packaging. This innovation for Pantene Pro-V is just one of the many steps Proctor and Gamble is taking to achieve their goals of becoming a more sustainable company and providing environmentally friendly products.

Green: The New Color of Valentine’s Day

It is that time of year where the flowers, heart shaped chocolate boxes, and cards flow to the ones we love. Valentine’s day used to be known for its red and pink colors, but this year we can incorporate green into the lovely holiday. What does green have to do with Valentine’s Day you ask? Well there are ways to not only show our love to our significant others but to the planet as well.

Here are 10 ways to go green this Valentine’s Day:

1. Cards can be hand made from recycled or tree free paper
2. E-cards can be sent
3. Buy chocolates and/or flowers that are organic
4. Make a donation to an environmental organization on behalf of the person
5. Jewelry can be purchased from jewelers who are certified in sourcing precious metals and gemstones in an ecologically and socially responsible manner
6. Gift certificates for holistic therapies (massage, health spa, ect.) make great gifts
7. Have dinner at a restaurant specializing in organic or locally grown food
8. If dining in, prepare a meal using organic or locally grown ingredients
9. If purchasing perfumes or fragrances, buy the ones that are natural instead of synthetic
10. Going green involves imagination. Use your imagination and come up with some do it yourself gifts for your loved ones and have fun with it

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

The Importance of Color in Design

It could be argued that color is one of the most important choices one makes when choosing a packaging design.  Whether it’s done well or poorly, color evokes emotions.

It’s known that serving diners food on a blue plate will encourage them to eat less, while serving food on and orange or yellow plate will encourage them to eat more.  Colors like dark navy, hunter green, burgundy or black can evoke tradition, respect, or even somberness, and deeper purples can evoke royalty, status or class.  Pastel colors can often be associated with children, while reds can evoke desire, passion, authority, happiness, or conversely fear.

Color can be used well or poorly.  One opinion of color used poorly is below.

Of course, poor color choice is selective, but why was this design chosen specifically?

Green is a good color to promote a feeling of nature, or a feeling of money (especially in the US).  It is also a good color to be used to catch someone’s attention.  On the other hand, once their attention is caught, what part do we pay attention to?  Do we really see the apps over the overwhelming green of the background?

it is one writer’s opinion that if the above color was on packaging for a product, the packaging would not work.  While it does have a ‘wow’ factor, the green of the packaging, like the green in this picture, would seem to shout louder than the product.

However, it would be interesting to notice that if the same picture was in a different color, such as a similar color like teal, how the message of the product or applications might have stood out over the packaging.

Using Apple as an example, here is another example of color choices.

Both packages pictured above use colors to emphasize and brighten without overpowering.  The ‘natural’ and the ‘white’ state traditional while caring about the environment, while the colors used in the center add balance, freshness, and ‘likability.’  Although they don’t scream “Look at me” like the above example, they do say, “I’m trustworthy.”