CNC Molds to Form Your Packaging

Customized tooling is a heavy investment, but one with a vast return. While there are many benefits to purchasing standardized clamshells or blister trays, a custom fit will look sharp with your product and protect it accordingly. The video below shows the process we use to form the tooling mold that shapes all of your plastic products. After we are provided with the item being packaged, we take all the necessary steps to provide our clients with a perfect fitting mold. Shown here, the mold being made is designed to hold one of our Flashpads™ for our marketing kit. Depending on size, shape, and quantity, custom tooling services give you complete control of how effective the final mold will be by forming multiple pieces per mold, or safely vacuum and pressure forming a deep cavity. Check out the video to get an idea of how this works!

Plastics Packaging Plays Beneficial Role in Food Storage

Plastics packaging can serve many purposes and markets. Most recently, it was pointed out by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers that plastics packaging can help prevent food waste. The report emphasizes the need for developing countries to seek out innovative packaging and storage approaches that will vastly decrease their amount of food waste. It points out specifically that “inIndia, for example, 21 million metric tons of wheat annually perishes due to inadequate storage and distribution, equivalent to the entire production ofAustralia. In neighboringPakistan, losses amount to about 16 percent of production.” While it may be an investment in resources and machinery, decreasing the amount of food waste could vastly improve community health and food production storage.

Source: Plastics News