Top Tips for Marketing Success

There are endless marketing tips for success; you can find them online, in books, and in seminars. Sure, it’s great to get new tips to make your business more successful, but what do you with them after you get them? There are so many tips coming at you from the left and right that it’s difficult to sort through them and find the ones that work for you. What’s the first step? Sit down with your endless pile of tips and customize them to your personal goals. You might find that a couple of tailored tips will take your marketing strategies a long way.

Here are the top three tips:

1. Set and follow clear specific goals – It’s important to clearly identify each goal and develop specific objectives and tactics needed to complete these goals. The goals serve as guidelines to follow throughout your marketing attempts.

2. Maintain a drive and energy system – It is difficult to maintain drive and energy toward marketing goals. It’s easy to have a lot of enthusiasm at the idea generation stage, but energy tends to die out if you don’t receive immediate results. It’s important to renew this energy at each stage of your marketing strategy.

3.Communicate – Tell people what you are doing, why are you doing it, and how you are doing it. The more people that know and understand your marketing goals, the more help and positive feedback you will receive throughout the process.

Direct Mail Marketing vs. E-Mail Marketing

When attempting to promote products for your company, you, as a marketer, must decide which marketing strategy would be the best bet for your budget.  Especially in the current struggling economy, marketers need to figure out what will be the most successful and cost-effective option.

direct mail marketing postcards and flyersSending out direct mail could be a very expensive option, especially in comparison to e-mail marketing.  All of the printing costs and shipping costs add up.  The question you must ask yourself is “Is it worth it?”  Does the return on investment outweigh the initial costs?  Also, the waste generated from direct mail does not make it the most environmentally-friendly option.  Although you can have your direct mail pieces printed on recycled paper with eco-friendly UV inks or renewable soy-based inks, there is no guarantee that the recipient will actually recycle the mail when they are finished.  There are benefits to direct  mail marketing campaigns.  They are able to gather a higher number of leads, compared to other marketing techniques.  They add a personal touch to your marketing campaign, and the recipients are much more likely to see a flyer or postcard, compared to an e-mail that can be deleted without even opening it.  A custom design CD/DVD mailer could attract more attention and the recipient might spend a longer amount of time looking at it.

e-mail marketingE-mail marketing strategies are considerably cheaper than direct mail marketing campaigns, but they may not have as high of a return.  In fact, most e-mail service providers filter out junk or spam mail from being sent to the user’s inbox, and sometimes legitimate e-mail marketing subscriptions accidentally get flagged as spam mail.  There is a very small chance that the recipient will actually open and read the e-mail, even if they subscribed to the e-mail advertisements.  But if it does work, it can get out to a large number of people at little or no cost.

Both direct mail marketing strategies and e-mail marketing strategies have their advantages and disadvantages.  A campaign that has a mix of the two strategies could be very successful.  Direct mail pieces that are sent out should at least have a website on them that recipients could easily visit.  If there is no way that consumers could respond from the ease of their own home, without having to mail something back out, the response rate may not be very high.  This, in turn with e-mail marketing could increase your rate of response and online sales.