Out-Of-The-Box Custom Boxes

Custom boxes or packaging are the best way to catch the eye of a customers. If your product is new to the market, unique packaging is practically a necessity. We offer a variety of cool packaging concepts, but some places take it to another level. Sometimes eco-friendly, always creative, these packages are the serendipitous results of marketing and manufacturing.

Full disclosure: we can’t personally make any of these boxes (and trust us, you don’t want to suffer through our baking skills). Sunrise Packaging focuses on custom rigid boxes, designed to high standards with luxurious finishing touches. While the products below definitely bring a unique vibe to presentation packaging, Sunrise products always convey luxury.

Our favorite out-of-the-box custom boxes are…

  1. The Pizza Box Pizza
    Vinnie’s Pizzeria in New York is reinterpreting sustainability. Their pizza box pizza is, literally, a pizza within a box made of pizza. You can eat your box, then eat the pizza. Our only question: do you get to choose the flavor of the box? (UPDATE: the flavor is non-negotiably their personal Sicilian style).

    Custom boxes made of pizza

    Courtesy of Vinnie’s Pizzeria

  2. Come Home Gazpacho Andaluz
    The quandary of how to carry multiple bottles easily and without occupying both hands has been tackled in the liquor world, but not so much in other food and beverage arenas.  Gazpacho Andaluz answers that question with this box. It’s a one-handed operation with proper weight distribution. We’re loving the minimal, yet iconic, design. Sunrise doesn’t use these types of materials.  Our focus is on higher-quality and resistant types of packaging, but this is definitely a custom design.

    Custom boxes holding gazpacho

    Courtesy of Come Home

  3. Nude Jr. Strawberry Milk
    Milk comes from cows. Strawberries come out of the ground. Put them together, and the packaging is what you get. If drinking out of a strawberry-inspired udder is weird, don’t worry. The opening is at the top.  While Sunrise does do custom plastic packaging, this isn’t one of them.

    Custom boxes and packaging for strawberry milk

    Courtesy of Nude Jr Strawberry Milk

  4. Sapore di Nonna Pasta
    Pasta. One of the few foods that’s completely scalable in how it’s prepared, and enjoyed equally by poor college students and those in higher tax brackets. It’s delicious.  Not in our wheelhouse, but fun. This product includes pasta and the spices to enhance it, but here’s the catch: it’s actually an invitation to Sapore di Nonna’s launch party.

    Custom boxes and packaging for pasta and invitation

    Courtesy of Breno Cardoso

While all of these custom boxes are unique, there are several other aspects that went into their creation and design. Each one houses not only a product, but embodies the brand as well. The best custom boxes are the result of collaborations, both internally and with vendor selected to create it. As one of the premiere creators of custom boxes and packaging in Minnesota, Sunrise Packaging works closely with clients to develop quality products that reflect the organization.

Sunrise Packaging works closely with clients to create memorable experiences.  Rather than the above, though, we use other methods. Like foil stamp packaging, thermoforming, and turned edges, to name a few. What do you want to convey with your packaging?

Victoria Secret’s custom two-piece box

This Victoria Secret’s custom two-piece box illustrates how custom thermoforming so often combines flawlessly with turned edge to create a complete luxury custom packaging solution. I think Victoria’s Secret really triumphs getting their branding message out with this custom designed box!

One of the pieces is a slipcase that covers the main tray. This box is also know as a “drawer” box, and is perfect for kits with important pieces that you need to display. The inside of the box has a plastic thermoformed tray to hold lotions and fragrances securely. Consistent with the fashion trends and color design of the Victoria’s Secret brand, the cover wrap uses  pink and black with a custom pattern. This luxury custom box has two fully telescoped sections and to make it easy to open, a ribbon was included. This box does an incredible job of holding and presenting items in a elegant yet practical manner.

Custom Blister Packaging

custom blister packaging for turned edge pads, binders, and press kits

Blister Packaging

What is Custom Blister Packaging?

Thermoform blister packaging is a trusted retail ready packaging solution. Originally patented in 1947 for the purpose of storing aspirin tablets, the production of blister packaging has evolved somewhat over time. However, its duty at retail has grown invaluable.

Custom blister packaging begins with a grade of plastic heated and molded to fit a product on a sturding backing. This process creates a tailor-fit plastic cavity which secures the product in clear casing, preventing movement and damage. Fortunately, this protective bubble around the product proves as much a marketing strategy as a security measure.


How Does it Work?

The vacuum formed casing heat-sealed to the cardback deters tampering. It’s easily recognizable when blister packaging is disturbed. At the same time,the transparency of the blister pack allows the product to be on display, rather than just an image. Seeing the product is better than any high-resolution image. It means a potential buyer can be that much closer to the product without it being loose. Much of retail tampering is not theft-related, but caused by a frustrated consumer just wanting a better look at the product, to see if it works for their needs. Clear blister packaging provides that advantage.


Blister Packaging

Benefits of Blister Packs

Blister packaging is a staple of retail for lightweight, high-volume products. Easy to ship, easy to stock, easy to open. Available styles include face seal, trap mock, and slide, with a variety of backing materials such as SBS paperboard, E-flute corrugated cardboard, and foil for truly customized and attractive packaging. The addition of cardboard or paperboard gives blister packaging extra room for descriptions and logos, while providing high-quality color printing.


Sunrise Packaging’s unique facility can manufacture not only standard blister packaging, but also customized blister packs for binders, pads, and kits. Contact one of our packaging experts for more details to see how blister packaging can create a more memorable presentation for your project.


Plastic Blister Packaging Advantages

  • Practical and Affordable
  • Clear Product Display
  • Theft Deterrent
  • Tamper Evident
  • Product Protection

Blister Packs and Clamshells Everywhere!


Start Seeing Blister Packs

When you go into just about any department store or pharmacy, you can often find a wall or two–and an aisle or three–that are covered wall-to-wall in product merchandise. Product, product everywhere, encased in individual blister packs or plastic clamshells. Why? For starters, blister packs are a simple solution to both protecting and displaying retail merchandise. A retail ready solution that has withstood the test of time.

Theft-Deterrent and Marketing Strategy in One

thermoformed plastic blister packs for electronics retailThe most common types of packaging are made of thermoformed thin-gauge plastic. This particular gauge is used for packaging cosmetics, electronics, as well as items vital to the pharmaceutical industry. The main benefits of this packaging category prove the value of blister backs. Thermoformed packaging is tamper-evident–and often tamper proof! This is a great deterrent of theft, and makes for a highly-noticeable attempt. The clear plastic packaging gives the consumer the opportunity to actually see the product in its entirety. A product a consumer can see is a product that they will believe. Finally, high volume markets–such as with electronics–require speedy manufacturing and fulfillment to keep up with consumer demand. Blister Packs and clamshells are a fairly standard design, decreasing the turnaround time on orders


A Time-Honored Process

With in-line thermoforming processes, packaging manufacturers are able to produce both blister pack cavities and full two-sided clamshells in an efficient and streamlined way. Roll-fed into the thermoformer, thin gauge plastic travels through an aluminum mold that, when applied with heat and a vacuum, will conform the material to that exact shape and size.

Thermoforming is an old process, only fairly changed since its inception, but it is a proven solution for churning out reliable, protective retail packaging.

Learn More about Blister Packaging

Clamshells: A win-win for packaging

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Thermoformed clamshell packaging is beneficial to the manufacturer of retail goods and improves the shopping experience for consumers. While clamshell packaging can be frustrating for shoppers to open, they offer valuable protection in the stores from young children or other inconsiderate shoppers. Clear plastic packaging is generally cheaper and easier to produce than cardboard boxes, requires less manpower to manufacture, enhances the shopping experience, and brings products safely to the consumer. Thermoformed clamshells are a water-resistant and durable case best serving fragile products and electronic devices from any wear and tear that can occur in shipping and warehousing. One of the most beneficial features of thermoformed packaging is that it provides shoppers with the ability to see the product without opening the package. Customers can see the actual size of the item and all accessories included. Finally, clamshell packaging is a cost effective solution. Transport costs are lower because the thin gauge plastic is much lighter than cardboard, and takes less space than styrofoam. In general, production logistics are simplified with this kind of packaging.

Source: Hubpages

Custom Thermoformed Packaging from Sunrise

Check out this video taken in our manufacturing plant near Minneapolis, MN. It is a brief example of our extensive thermoforming department.

We offer packaging design, in-house CNC tooling, thin gauge thermoforming, assembly, fulfillment, and shipping all under one roof! So, if you are in need of high quality, custom clamshells, thermoformed trays, or economic plastic blister packs, you are on the right site! Peruse our photo gallery, read about our process, and contact us to get started right away!

Thermoformed Blister Packaging

thermformed blister packThermoformed blister packs are a great packaging solution for small items that need to stay tamper-proof yet easy to open…a little contradictory, but there is a happy medium! The main component of a blister pack is the thermoformed plastic part made from preferred material of thin gauge plastic such as; PVC, PET, RPET, and so on. The thermoformed part is then fulfilled with the packaged product and heat sealed to a paperboard backing. This backing is customizable with your 4 color processed digital print. Apply your graphic design to communicate your product’s benefits and demonstrate it’s individuality from competitors. Thermoformed blister packs with aluminum foil backing are very popular in the pharmaceutical market because they offer single serving perforation and a tamper proof sealing to protect from environmental factors.

retail blister At Sunrise Packaging, we specialize in blister packaging for other consumer goods. These packaging solutions consist of carded packaging that hold toys, hardware, cosmetic accessories, etc. Custom blister packaging is the perfect solution that combines both elements of a thermoformed plastic part and a unique printed graphic to hold products securely without breaking the bank.

Manufacturing in Minnesota

mn manufacturingSunrise Packaging is located just north of Minneapolis, Minnesota. While we have happy customers all over the country and even overseas, we love to have Minnesotan clients supporting local business. Manufacturing is an important contributor to Minnesota’s economy, accounting for nearly one in seven jobs manufacturing provides stability to local Minnesota communities. Here are a few facts about manufacturing in Minnesota that you may not have known:


-MN has more than 29,200 manufacturing jobs statewide (13% of all private-sector jobs)

– $37 billion is contributed to the state economy by manufacturing, making up for 15% of MN’s gross domestic product

– Depending on the region, manufacturing may account for up to 34% of employment

– Each manufacturing job supports another 1.9 jobs elsewhere- 33% of all jobs in MN

– 40% of Minnesota’s Fortune 500 companies in 2012 operates in manufacturing


As you can see, manufacturing is a large contributor to the MN economy. At Sunrise Packaging, we like to do everything we can to be a part of this effort to continue local manufacturing by producing high-quality, custom packaging solutions in our own facility.

Blog Source: Positively Minnesota

Support Plastics USA

plastics manufacturingSupport Plastics USA is a new portal site that is designed to promote domestic plastics suppliers and manufacturers and attract newcomers to the industry. The new website gives mold makers, design houses and processors a home for a an entire industry’s worth of information and resources. In just weeks at least 13 large entities have joined with Support Plastics USA. The goal of this website is not only to bring customers and competitors together, but it also works to foster pride in American workmanship and manufacturing. The initiative is bringing back the demand for products Made in the USA. There are already existing grass-roots, Made in America support groups however, none of them supported the plastics industry. R&D/Leverage, the creators of Support Plastics USA, makes the connection between plastics industry players that are looking to support this initiative.

Blog Source: Packaging Digest

Searching for Win-Wins in Packaging Innovation

packaging  solutionsInnovators in the packaging industry all strive for win-win packaging solutions. The best scenario is when a product contributes to consumer safety, product protection, consumer convenience as well as the reduction of carbon emissions. Doing all of these things while simultaneously reducing cost is a win-win for all parties involved. Some folks in the industry consider these situations unrealistic, but the reality is some developments in new closure technology are powering many of these win-win packaging innovations. Indeed, perhaps the main barrier holding back innovations that meet multiple needs is the fact that all too often there has been insufficient focus on the whole pack design – container and closure – from the outset. The use of a foil seal inside a cap to provide tamper evidence is one example of a win-win closure. Such a development removes the need for a tamper band, which allows knurling around the next to be removed. Furthermore, these closures allow for a lighter cap and lower neck profile, which allows for the reconstruction of blown containers, meaning potential weight savings of between 25 and 40%. In yet another win-win this cuts costs as well as carbon emissions throughout the production chain. Win-wins also enable global roll-outs – they allow a single pack to reduce the threat of counterfeiting in markets where this is a major problem, such as the Far East, while simultaneously offering environmental benefits in markets where there is high demand for ‘green’ packaging, such as Western Europe and North America. Whether it’s retailers, brands, or consumers, our industry can ensure that everyone wins.

Blog source: Packaging News