Pére Juice Uses Play on Words in Packaging and Product

Pére is an exotic, all natural juice product.

In French, the word Pére means father, which is exactly who the client wanted to base his 100% all natural pear juice after. The name of the product uses a great play on words to depict just what the product itself is, while the custom packaging of the product replicates the shape of a pear. The drink comes in three different flavors, Pearberry, Original, and Pearango.

“The client named his company Pére based off his father who hand-made pear juice for the client when he had a severe fever as a boy. The natural juice of the pear is good in relieving fever because of its cooling effect, so the client wanted to endeavor his future business by making a juice product that is completely 100% all natural pear juice to share with the world. The logo symbolizes the process of the pear as its converted into juice, and the use of the pears peel in the production of this drink. The bottle was meant to follow the organic shape of the pear, emphasizing its true root to keeping the integrity of the all-natural product. “

Source: The Dieline

Designer: Craig Pinto

Custom Packaging for Kids

What can put you in a better mood today than to look at a few creative packaging designs for kids? We all know that food tastes better, camping is safer, and tissues are stronger with cartoon-themed packages.

This packaging design concept for Birdy-Juice comes from Jeksel. Don’t really know much about it other than it comes in 3 different flavors, is not out yet, and has very creative custom packaging.

Packaging for kid-friendly animal tissue boxes. Paco the parrot, Fredo the turtle and Teo the tiger will be launched early September 2010 in the Eastern European market, under the ZEWA brand. The package design idea is intended to make a tissue box more attractive for children- maybe to encourage them to go to the tissue box rather than use their clothes.

International Design Consultancy P&W has designed a new range of Kids’ cereals.  Cookie Bites, Cocoa Sharks, and Apple & Cinnamon Smiles are free of artificial colorings and flavors and contain less sugar than many of the mainstream brands. Bright colors and cute cartoon characters encompass the packaging hoping to catch the attention of children from the cereal shelves in the grocery store. We all know that there is FIERCE competition.

Beautiful packaging design concept and illustrations by Sutasinee C. Seitz. The idea was to design a promotional piece to encourage family bonding through camping. The pieces are based on campfire activities- an over-sized matchbox, owl lantern, bear s’mores, bird harmonica, and fire fox fire starters make up the camping kit.

Descriptive Packaging: Customers Know What They Are Getting

When customers are running through a store, they don’t have time to search through the shelves to find what they want. They want packaging to be distinctive and descriptive. Successful packaging will not only be eye-appealing and attract the customer’s attention, but it will also convey the message you are trying to send and show them what they are getting.

Here are some great descriptive packaging examples that we found:





You only have a few seconds to catch the customer’s attention. What are you going to do with your packaging to stand out on the shelf above your competition?