History of the Jewel Case for CDs

CD single disc jewel caseHere at Sunrise Packaging we pride ourselves in our stock selection of CD and DVD packaging products. In this day and age these products seem second nature to us, and even yesterday’s news. One of our many items is the ever popular jewel CD case. If you were wondering how this case got so popular- here is a little history overview of the jewel case for compact discs: In 1981, Sony and Philips partnered up to create the newest of media storage formats, at the time calling it the Digital Audio Disc. After this development, the next step was to package the product. The case for the new compact disc needed to hold discs flat and protect them from scratches that can damage CD content. The case also had to evoke a high-tech appearance that convinced consumers to make the switch. PolyGram was handed the task of creating the case (at the time this was a record label owned by Philips). The design was finalized in 1982 by Peter Doodson, a designer working form PolyGram in Holland, and so came into being the jewel case. The three piece plastic case had a rectangular back, a disc shaped tray and a transparent cover to hold artwork. Doodson described the first of this product he saw as “virtually perfect” and the case was coined the jewel case. Later that year, the first album ever release on a compact disc was “52nd Street” by Billy Joel. Consumers loved the new format, and the CD exploded on the market from then. There are many versions of the original jewel case, many are purchased in-store for your desired album. Here at Sunrise, we love them so much, we sell them in bulk! 🙂

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How Jewel Cases are Made

Jewel cases were introduced in the early 1980s when Compact Discs (CDs) were first launched into the market. Since then the jewel case has remained fairly unchanged from the original design and still manufactured based on standard specifications. Jewel cases have been the main form of CD packaging because it is designed to protect and secure CDs.

So how are jewel cases made? They are made by a process called injection molding. This is the most widely used manufacturing process in the world. Injection molding requires an injection molding machine, raw plastic material, and a mold. The process starts by taking plastic resin that comes in the form of plastic pellets, and then melting them with heat and pressure. The molten material is injected into a mold that is held under high pressure. Once the plastic is cooled, the mold can be opened up and the parts are removed. Injection molding allows for many parts to be produced simultaneously. The process is fairly short, typically lasting at most 2 minutes, which allows for many parts to be made.

Heat Sensitive Packaging

WhenHeat Sensitive Packaging Chickenfoot Thermal Ink rock legends come together to form a new band, the packaging must be bold and original to represent the excitement of the new collaboration.  Chickenfoot did just that.  Their new band formation includes guitar hero Joe Satriani, Red Hot Chili Peppers’ drummer Chad Smith, and former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony and frontman Sammy Hagar.

David Bellm from Packaging Digest pointed out the innovative design by Todd Gallopo for Chickenfoot’s debut album.  The design for this album features new thermal ink developed and patented by Chromatic Technologies Inc. (CTI), a special effect inks and coatings manufacturer.  This ink causes the album cover to change with heat, which could be simply just touching it with your hand.  When heat is applied, pictures are revealed on the front cover, as well as song titles on the back.  Chickenfoot’s self-titled debut album was released earlier this month by Redline Entertainment.

Custom eco-friendly packagingCustom CD packaging can help boost CD sales over iTunes or illegal downloading, because the physical album becomes more of a collector’s item that fans would love to have and are willing to pay for.  Make your album a “must-have” for every fan with the Permavue One turned edge case that has your artwork printed on the cover.  Or there are always stock jewel cases that you can personalize with your own creative artwork.

New Multi-Disc CD Cases!

Are you in the middle of spring cleaning and need to create more space? If you have a large music collection, your jewel cases can take up a lot of room. One way to condense a large CD collection into a smaller sapce is by using multi-disc cases.

Also, with so many people living life on the go, they want to be able to take their CD’s with them witstock multi-disc 16 cd dvd casehout having to worry about the discs or the cases being ruined.

Portability and durability are important to find in a CD case, while still being able to have a professional look.

We are now offering multi-disc CD cases that take up less space than individual jewel cases and are also more convenient to carry.

These black cases snap shut like a DVD case and feature an outside clear overlay to display cover artwork. And you can’t go wrong by saving space with a 16-disc CD case that takes up the same room as three standard sized jewel cases or six slim jewel cases.

By having a durable case that can hold multiple discs, you can take your CD’s with you wherever you go. And when you eventually put them away, you’ll have room to collect even more!

Choosing a CD/DVD Case

You know that you need cases to package and store your CDs or DVDs, but do you know which case is the best fit for your needs? We came up with a few questions to help you analyze your situation, in order to determine which case is the best fit for you:

Are you looking for a standard size case to match the rest on the shelf or are you attempting to save space?

If you want your case to be the same size as a standard DVD case, there are a few options available for you:

  • Premium Quality. If you are lookingstock premium black dvd cases for a durable case that will last, the premium quality DVD case is for you.  This case is available in black or white in either one or two disc capacities.  Black cases are also available in four disc capacity. White cases are perfect for Wii gaming discs or wedding DVDs.  These cases feature literature clips and a clear overlay to display your artwork.  If you are looking for strong cases that will protect your discs, stick with the premium quality DVD cases.
  • Standard Quality. If you are looking for a case offered at a lower cost, the standard quality case is for you. This black case is available in either one or two disc capacities and features literature clips and a clear overlay to display artwork.
  • Blu-Ray. The new Blu-Ray technology is a much higher quality than the standard format. This needs to be displayed in the packaging by making it obvious that it is a Blu-Ray disc and showing the higher quality. stock blu-ray caseIt is the norm to package Blu-Ray discs in blue cases, so it is important to follow the trend. This will help to avoid confusing customers, as well as have it match the rest of the Blu-Ray cases in their collection.

If you are looking towards saving space with a thinner CD/DVD case, there are even more options:

Are you looking for a case to store CDs or DVDs?stock jewel cases

  • CDs are typically packaged in jewel cases or paper sleeves. It would be best to stick with these techniques to avoid confusing the customers. These come in more of a square shape, rather than the taller DVD cases. The jewel cases are clear to display artwork and can come with either a clear or a black inner tray. The paper sleeves have a clear acetate window to display thestock slim clear dvd cases disc and a flap to keep it from falling out.
  • If you are looking for a space-saving way to package and store your DVDs, there are clear, slim DVD cases in one or two disc capacities that are 7mm thick. If you are looking for an even smaller case, try stock slim clamshell cshell dvd casesclam-shells and square-shells, which are clear and only 4.2mm thick. Artwork can be displayed through all of these clear cases. Paper sleeves could also be used for DVDs if you are looking for your packaging to be especially thin.

Know what you want, but don’t know where you can get it? Sunrise Packaging now offers all of these styles of CD/DVD packaging! Visit our stock CD/DVD products page for more information or go to http://shop.sunpack.com/cd-dvd-albums.html

CD/DVD Packaging Solutions under 50 Cents!

Companies are looking to cut costs in any way possible. While quality should never be sacrificed for the sake of saving a few pennies, you can realize cost savings by packaging your product as efficiently as possible. Sunrise is a custom packaging manufacturer and we firmly believe in the added value of custom packaging. We also know there are some projects where a custom solution is just not in the budget. We would like to show you a variety of high-quality CD/DVD packaging options that are all available for less than 50 cents!

stock premium black dvd cases under 50 centsFirst off, there are the standard size 14mm black CD/DVD cases. These cases feature quick release hub prongs that are strong and durable. They can hold up to two discs and include literature clips to hold DVD booklets or artwork. These are also available in either premium or standard qualities. The premium model cases are made from partially virgin material to protect your discs, and they are machine-loadable. This can save an enormous amount of time by not having to insert everything by hand. There are also premium quality cases made from 100% raw material in white. This is a great option for weddings or to package Wii gaming discs!

stock clamshell cshell cd dvd cases under 50 centsThere are also slim CD/DVD cases being introduced if you would like to save space without giving up quality or protection. There are premium quality slim 7mm DVD cases, as well as clam-shell cases, square-shell cases. These cases are all clear to display the artwork on the discs.

And for only a few pennies a disc, paper sleeves with a window, protect your discs from damage and display its artwork too.

There are even more CD/DVD case options to choose from. There are premium quality jewel cases available in either the standard 10.4mm style or the 5.2mm style. These cases offer high protection to prevent damage to your CDs/DVDs, and the clear cover allows artwork to be displayed. The trays are available in either black or clear, whichever best suits your needs.

stock blu-ray cases under 50 centsLastly, using Blu-Ray cases is another low cost approach to packaging your discs. There is a higher perception value associated with Blu-Ray discs, which should be matched with premium packaging. As soon as the customers see the signature clear-blue packaging, they will know that they are getting the high-definition Blu-Ray discs that they desire.

In the coming year, budgets are going to be tighter. With that in mind, Sunrise Packaging is proud to announce the new stock CD/DVD case product line that is currently being launched. These cases will be available for less than 50 cents each and many are priced under 25 cents! The 14mm DVD cases are now available for order, and the rest of the product line will be launched in February. Visit http://shop.sunpack.com for more information.