Nest Thermostat Will Blow Your Mind

Check out this brand new gadget designed by the fathers of the iPod. The Nest Learning Thermostat is a cutting edge thermostat designed to help cut your energy bill. This smart little device learns your behavior and creates a heating and cooling schedule based according to your lifestyle. Over a period of time it learns when you wake, when you go to work, when you come home, etc. By adjusting the heating and cooling output to your schedule, you can save cash on your utility bill.

Like the iPod, this thermostat is controlled with a simple wheel that helps you program temperature and length of heating and cooling cycles. The thermostat makes a note every time you turn the wheel and compiles data on how you like the temperature of your home. You can also control the Nest away from home with your smart phone.

The Nest costs $249 and will go on sale in major electronics stores next month. It starts to learn your behavior in just a week and has six different sensors that keep track of things like motion, light, temperature and humidity. It knows to change the temperature of a room when you are staying in it, but it also knows when you’re just passing through by detecting motion. These features are great for saving energy and money.

Steve Jobs and Apple’s Innovative Packaging

With the passing of Steve Jobs this week, the world lost an incredible person. Sunrise Packaging would like to pay tribute to Steve Jobs by highlighting something that might go unnoticed in the next few weeks; Apple’s innovative packaging.

It’s no doubt that Steve Jobs was a genius and a visionary. His simple yet innovative designs for Apple products have always been cutting edge. But the sleek designs didn’t stop there. Apple certainly focused on details in the packaging of their products as well with Steve Jobs at the helm. Apple packaging is the icing on the cake of their one-of-a-kind consumer experience that no one in the industry can match.

RIP Steve Jobs- you truly will be missed.

Apple Has More Cash Than US Government

Is there ever bad news these days when it comes to Apple? They’ve been dominating the tech world since the turn of the century with the release of the iPod, iPhone, and now the popular iPad. Apple is on the top of the world.

Well more good news came across the wire in recent days. Strategy Analytics announced that Apple is now officially the world’s largest smart phone vendor holding 18% of the market share. Nokia moved back to #3 in the world with 15% while Samsung’s amazing 520% growth moves them up to second with 17% of the market.

What’s even more impressive than all of this is that Apple’s cash reserves are bigger than the US Governments balance. With a 75.9 billion dollar balance, Apple is the second largest company in the world behind Exxon Mobil.

5 Great Business Uses for the iPad

Lets not kid ourselves. The iPad is a consumer product. Using them we surf the internet, watch videos & movies, play games, view
photos, etc. But iPads are also becoming a great tool for businesses. Here’s 5 great uses in particular that are making iPads a viable business tool.

1. Filling out forms– The iPad is great for managing documents. Filling out forms and signing documents is made easy with some great apps out there. An Easy Sign app actually let you email a document, image, or PDF and then affixing a signature on it. The signature can be freshly signed on the document right on the iPad itself. The app also lets you insert text fields for adding dates, names, addresses, and checkboxes.

2. Accepting and Processing Payments- There are now apps out there that turn your iPad into a full credit card terminal. This allows businesses to sell merchandise, tickets, and other goods anywhere. 3 great apps for processing payments are Intuit GoPayment and VeriFone’s PAYware Mobile.

3. Presentations- iPads are a great tool for presentations. Displaying graphs and charts are slick. iPads have a VGA or HDMI adapter allowing users to run presentations directly into a TV or projector. iPads are also excellent for one-on-one presentations with clients.

4. Web Conferencing– Thanks to apps like WebEx and GoToMeeting, iPads are making web meetings fast and easy. The iPad 2 has both front and rear cameras so users can connect with others using video chat.

5. Collecting Data- Bento is an iPad app that is a wonderful tool for small businesses to create manageable databases and collect data. With Bento, you can create a digital guest book project for an event where guests simply sign in leaving their contact info. After gathering the data on your iPad you can create databases that can be used for your marketing efforts for the future.

Apple’s New Headquarters Looks Like a Spaceship

“Apple’s been growing like a weed” said Steve Jobs, the charismatic CEO of Apple Inc. And that is precisely why Jobs announced plans of Apple pursuing a new eco-friendly home in northern California to house approximately 12,000 employees. The company’s existing headquarters, which accommodates about 2,600 employees, has forced Apple to rent space in smaller buildings scattered throughout Cupertino, located nine miles west of San Jose.

The spaceship donut-like structure that Apple is looking to build will be set on a proposed 150 acre campus. The huge circular structure will be made almost entirely of curved grass with a heavily landscaped center. Steve Jobs has hired Stanford University’s senior arborist to make the campus 80% landscaped.

Other eco-friendly characteristics of the new project were a natural-gas-fired energy center that would serve as the new headquarters’ main power source. Most of the parking will be underground to create space for thousands of additional trees on the property.

The new site will allow Apple to increase its workforce and consolidate in one location. Jobs hoped to submit formal plans for the new Apple headquarters soon with the goal of moving in by 2015.

So what do you think of this thing? Quite futuristic I must say.

New Packaging for iPods

Yesterday, Apple released new versions of the iPod Nano, iPod Touch and iPod Shuffle. Along with the release and a host of new features on the iPods came new packaging as well. The previous packaging has been revamped in transparent rigid plastic cases that give a ton of visibility to the products. Other than that, it’s the same clean classy look that Apple is known for in their products and packaging.

Library Opens Learning Commons

The Randall Library at the University of North Carolina Wilmington is taking an innovative approach to being a valuable resource for students in the digital age. They recently introduced their “Learning commons“, a designated area in the library that encourages technology-based research and takes the “shhh” out of the traditional library setting.

When walking through the main entrance, it’s easy to identify the learning commons. The area is freshly painted with bright colors and modern cubicles that feature desktop or laptop stations. The room also has a help desk that is staffed 65 hours per week by reference librarians and staff who work in technical assistance.

Students are encouraged to come in groups, plug in their computers, iPods, or other tech devices, and learn about technology. While the entire 2nd floor of the Randall library is reserved for peace and quiet, study groups in the learning commons can talk freely without fear of a staff member shushing them. Students also like the space that the room provides so they can still have their privacy.

Before the makeover, the space was outdated but the new learning commons now boast more than 300 power outlets and 91 computers catering to the digital age that some libraries are having a tough time adjusting to. Students can also check out 50 PC laptops and 14 Mac laptops.

It is no coincidence that students are giving good feedback about the learning commons. The project began as a series of surveys asking students what they wanted and needed out of a library studying area. Listening has been the true key to success. The concept is ongoing too. Collaborating with the students will not stop as the feedback from the students will help evolve the learning commons in the future. The area is designed to change with technology and student’s needs.