New Packaging for iPods

Yesterday, Apple released new versions of the iPod Nano, iPod Touch and iPod Shuffle. Along with the release and a host of new features on the iPods came new packaging as well. The previous packaging has been revamped in transparent rigid plastic cases that give a ton of visibility to the products. Other than that, it’s the same clean classy look that Apple is known for in their products and packaging.

Barnes & Noble eBooks & eReaders

Barnes & Noble announced that the have opened the world’s largest eBookstore.  The eBookstore has over 700,000 titles and they anticipate having over 1,000,000 titles by 2010.

Electronic book readers do not need to purchase a separate device to read the ebooks, Barnes & Noble offers a free eReader download in teh eBookstore that is compatible with Blackberries, iPhones/iPods, and PCs/Macs.

eBooks are a great resource for travel since readers do not need to carry separate books.