Wooden iPhone Panel Designed to Replace Glass Back Panel

iPhones are becoming increasingly popular with mobile device users, on that same note, the packaging and casing that surrounds the device is also becoming more popular. Monolith has created a small startup launch of prototypes and packaging for a wooden iPhone replacement panel. The new design is unique and cost effective while providing proof that good branding does not need to be expensive or overly elaborate.

The Monolith packaging features just a little emblem of a mountain. Designer John Tolman wanted to create a package that was attractive enough to warrant further use. A solid wooden panel replaces the glass back panel on the iPhone 4 and 4S. Underneath where the solid wood replacement panel sits, a screwdriver is provided in order to have quick and easy installation. Monolith’s Tolman further explains in an interview with “The Die Line” the inspirations and ideas behind the wooden creation for the modern technology.

“When we searched for a similar product for our own iPhones, we were disappointed in the high price of the existing offerings and decided it’d be easy enough to make our own. It didn’t take us long to decide to keep making them.

The goal of the packaging was something that was recyclable and economical on a small scale, yet attractive enough someone wouldn’t mind keeping around since it doubles as safe storage for the original iPhone glass back panel. We designed and constructed the packaging from laser cut corrugated cardboard with cutouts to accommodate the screwdriver provided for installation. A laser cut sleeve features a logo cutout to expose the wood grain of the back panel.”

What inspired your packaging concept?

John Tolman: In general, I was inspired by minimalist packaging that doesn’t have a lot of waste or less renewable materials (i.e. plastics). A good recent examples I came across is the packaging for the glif iPhone tripod mount by Studio Neat. I found a few companies that offered design/fabrication of laser cut packaging, but I really wanted to make our packaging in-house. I wanted a design that could be rapid prototyped and produced on a small scale without sacrificing design aesthetic or resorting to make-shift off the shelf packaging.  I think it can be intimidating sometimes for a small startup such as myself when you consider the possible large setup costs involved with more traditional custom packaging such as die-cut cartons and molded fiber. I think a lot of people including myself owe our ability to make such packaging in-house to newer and cheaper rapid prototyping technologies such as CNC laser engravers/cutters.

What is the price point of the product?

John Tolman: The price point is $55 for any of the wood species and iPhone 4 or 4S and we have plans to offer custom engraved designs as well as more exotic wood species in the next few months.

Do you have a background in product or package design or is this your first venture?

John Tolman: I don’t have any experience in packaging design although my background is in mechanical engineering and some of my education focused on industrial design. I’ve always had an interest in graphic and industrial design though, and nearly went into one of those fields.

I love the simplistic approach to branding, but does the packaging or product say “Monolith” anywhere?

John Tolman: The back side of the sleeve does have a laser cut/etched design with more detailed branding, although not on the prototypes (below). We are making a production run this weekend which will have those final touches.

Source: http://www.thedieline.com


A Glimpse at iPhone 4S Packaging

There’s no doubt that Apples new iPhone 4S is the biggest tech story with its release this week. In fact, Apple announced Monday that the new iPhone sold 1 million in pre-orders the first 24hrs it was available. That was a new record for the company beating their 600,000 pre-orders for the iPhone 4 in 2010.

As the world gets set for the release of iPhone 4S this Friday, we’re now getting a glimpse of the device including its packaging. The iPhone 4S packaging is very similar to the iPhone 4. Check out the photos below.

Apple also announced that they’ll be paying tribute to their recently deceased mastermind CEO, Steve Jobs, with a private event to be held on October 19.