Is it a Book or a Box?

box or bookIt’s a book! It’s a box! It’s…a what now?

When it comes to our custom pads, we often get asked What are they? Is it a book or a box? Sometimes, we even have to ask ourselves that.

Citylights3Well, let’s look at the facts. A custom pad, such as the FlashPad or PowerPad, is made with rigid chipboard, complete with our famous turned-edge wrapping technique. If you go by those elements, it’s a box like any of our other presentation packaging. It opens. It’s fit with foam. Yeah, still sounds like one of our boxes. But is there a lid? No. But it holds something, right? Yes! Just about anything as a matter of fact! And it has sides? Well, not technically…

Okay, let’s explore the book angle? Hardcover? Check! Turned edge binding? Absolutely. Front cover, back cover? Images? Blurbs? Yes, yes, yes, and yes! And pages?


custom_book_boxOkay, that’s kind of a big one to not have for a book. But you can read a custom pad. Open one up and there’s plenty to read. That’s one of the biggest reasons for their popularity at trade shows or for software. The minute you have one in your hands you can’t NOT open one! There’s something about holding a custom pad that feels…valuable. Like a book. It’s that same reason why hardcover beats paperback, or why a real live physical book beats an e-book.

So maybe it’s not a box or a book. So what is it then?!

It’s a book box. It’s hybrid packaging. It’s a solution.

Look, whatever you decide to call our custom pad family, there’s one word that sums them up perfectly: effective. As a miniature marketing kit, as retail software packaging, as trade show SWAG, as a flash drive holder, as a digital album, a custom pad shines. It stands out. And, most importantly, it gets opened. When you want to be seen and remembered–a customized pad, a personalized FlashPad, or a specialty-wrapped PowerPad packs the biggest punch. See what our little book box can do for you.

Wishing you a Happy Retirement: Farewell Steve!

Steve Sandahl - Invisible ManToday is a bittersweet day for us at Sunrise Packaging, Inc. because we are saying goodbye to one of our long time Packaging Solutions Experts. Steve Sandahl has been a part of the Sunrise Packaging team since 1987- that’s right, he has dedicated almost 30 years of hard work and dedication to our company and we will be forever grateful. A reliable resource in the packaging industry, Steve has seen our business markets shift from cassette packaging, VHS, CD and DVD packaging to more custom, high end marketing and retail packaging solutions- talk about adaptability!

One of the many ways Steve has contributed to our success is his willingness to really listen to our clients needs and help them create a packaging solution that exceeds their expectations. Around here, he was known as one of our “sample masters”; always piecing together custom packaging elements to create something truly unique for his customer. From high end, turned edge sales kits to simple USB Flashpad™ packaging, Steve Sandahl has truly been an expert in his field. Always a positive attitude and a wealth of knowledge to share with the team, we are going to miss Steve tremendously.

While we would like to think he will miss us too, Steve will be thoroughly enjoying his retirement with his beautiful family– his grandchildren are good at keeping him busy. Traveling, golf outings, and sunshine are all good things that Steve has to look forward to…maybe he’ll wander back into the office come January or February!

Wishing you a Happy Retirement!

SteveSteve Sandahl and wife Penny…cheers!

Not just from us at Sunrise! Here’s what some of your customer’s have to say:


First of all congratulations on your pending retirement !!  Must be very exciting !!  I wish you a very fulfilling retirement !!

Secondly, I want to express my sincere appreciation for your service to Entegris (and certainly the work I am involved with), your commitment to Entegris interests and requirements, and your professionalism !!  I can say that in my involvement with you and your team these elements of our business relationship were quite tangible !!  Thank you !!

Best regards, Dolan Rossi


Congratulations on your retirement!  It’s been a pleasure working with you over the years.  Enjoy, relax and have fun.

All the best,

Peggy Pearson

Hi Steve,

 Congratulations on your retirement!  I’m sure the initial adjustment from working to relaxation will be a little challenging at first but I’m confident you’ll get the swing of it in no time.  🙂

 I’ve enjoyed working with you these last few years and wish you the best in this new phase of your life.


 Camille Woodbury

Brian Tracy International

I have to say congratulations and I’m saddened to lose a wonderful rep, but happy for you in your decision. I wish you the best. It has been a real pleasure to work with you. You must tell the new rep how difficult I can be:) I pray you a have a wonderful, relaxing, do-what-you-want retirement.



Ingram Entertainment


Soul Music Set: Collector’s Edition

We found this creative box on the Packaging of the World creative packaging design gallery and just had to share! This packaging solution definitely thinks outside of the box and case. Made for a limited edition music compilation, Soulfinger music production and soul music artists have come together to create a collector’s item. This highly detailed, unique piece adds value to the music collaboration by making the entire set special and gift-like. Both the construction of the box and material choice are out of the ordinary, but in a way that catches the eye of the consumer and entices them to at the very least pick it up!

Hardcover Slipcase and Box

This packaging solution we found on Packaging of the World is for the VEGA Secret Note- a smart phone device that is meant to be used as a diary. The box and turned edge slipcase for the product is meant to give the look and feel of a personal journal or private diary. Invoking an emotional reaction, the product is well represented for its features as well as the personal benefit it will bring the consumer. The turned edge box has a clean, high end design that not only protects the device but displays the product with impressive shelf presence. Clean white space can often be underrated in graphic design, but at some point it is important to let the product and packaging do the talking for you. We appreciate the use of a hard cover slipcase that makes the product easily accessible once purchased, yet completely encased and protected in a retail environment.

Creative Media Package

This CD release for a British pop band is representative of the eclectic collection of tunes while standing out in an innovative way. While it seems as if disc sales and production are falling to the wayside, there is still a demand for music lovers to purchase newly released albums in store instead of online. After all, record sales is what supports the artist. This album from Gabby Young and Other Animals titles “The Band Called Out for More” is packaged in a kaleidoscope-style package that opens the disc compartment in a revolving motion. The digital print on this media package is impeccable, with a wide range of colors and intricate detail. With a decline in record sales, rare and innovative packaging can be the “make or break” factor in which a consumer chooses to purchase or not. We found this CD case on PackagingoftheWorld.

Innovative Custom Promotional Kit

This innovative custom box is for a company called Saint-Gobain Calmar. The company makes high quality dispensers and sprayers, they produce a wide variety of these items for pharmaceutical, cleaning, cosmetics, and more. We found this custom kit on Packaging of the World, and the intricacies of the kit were so impressive, we just had to share it! The aim of the promotional pack was to introduce their line of products to potential customers with a simple structure and design that really highlights the samples provided. The disc that is included has the full catalog on it, so if recipients are not thrilled with the samples in hand they can peruse the rest of the product line. Thoughtful and innovative, this promotional kit in a custom box has all of the features we like to see. It looks like this box is turned edge with a simplistic design that highlights the value of the products inside.

Innovative Packaging with Secondary Function

Icon Packaging will be unveiling its latest design for an innovative wine bottle case at the Unified Wine and Grape Symposium in Sacramento,CA today and tomorrow. The company has set out to transform the traditional wine box to simply turn into a fully functional and branded wine rack. Icon Packaging has developed other designs as well around the concept of secondary use packaging. According to the founder Jason Ivey, sustainability is no longer about using green or eco friendly materials- it is also about incorporating and secondary function into the package design. Icon has developed multiple versions of this package to adhere to the needs of its customers. The capability of this package ranges from 1 to 12 bottles of wine and can be customized according to its use.

Source: Packaging Digest

New Flexible Plastic Offers Brand and Product Protection

New plastic packaging innovations have produced a flexible polymer that stretches to capacity and returns to its original shape. The product was co-developed by BAM Materials Research and Testing and Bayer Material Science. It is call thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). When heated to a certain temperature, the “switching temperature”, the plastic returns to its originally intended shape. The material is durable yet free from plasticizers and antihydrolysis agents making it acceptable for food packaging. This new development protect the product’s quick read code until the poly returns to its original shape. Therefore, the products identity is protected and extremely difficult to counterfeit.


Read more here

How Packaging Innovations Influence our Purchasing Decisions

When making my grocery list each week, most items on the list were also on the list the weeks prior. For some reason these items were the ones I chose to buy each week. After observing the packaging of my “frequent” purchases, packaging is something that affects my purchasing decisions. One example is orange juice. Orange juice is something that I drink with my breakfast, which is typically brought with me to eat in the car, so I buy individual containers that have straws on each pack. Cheese is also something I buy depending on packaging. I do not eat much cheese, so separately packaged cheese slices is a must.

Observing each package of the items I purchase at the grocery store I noticed there is a trend in my decisions. Packaging innovations can influence your purchasing decisions based on your consumer needs. If a company comes out with a new way of packaging a certain product that ultimately makes the lives of consumers easier there is a good chance the consumer can be won over. Packaging matters.

Packaging Opportunities Arise From a Shift in Eating Trends in America

America’s eating trends over the last five years have shifted to fit the fast-paced lifestyle many people live. Eating is something we fit into our schedule and do not tend to fit our schedule around our eating. We eat in our cars, at our dining tables, alone, with family or friends, really early in the morning or late at night. Most Americans do not have a set eating schedule; they work it around their personal schedule.

American mealtime tendencies are influenced by three food principles: health, convenience, and variety. Age is a big deciding factor on how their eating habits differentiate. Adults under the age of 30 are “snackers.” They are on the go, grab a snack, I will eat later individuals. Adults’ age ranges 30-45 have busier lifestyles also with children and work. They look for convenience that comes with a healthier lifestyle. Snacking is also popular with this age group. The last range of adults, 45 and up, tend to have more time to plan meals. These people are more likely to make their meals at home.

What this means for opportunities in packaging is change. Making packaging convenient and all ready for people on the go is a big opportunity. Considering that these consumers do not have time to prepare, want healthy options, may not have access to a refrigerator, and other little things is where it all starts. It’s time for packaging designers and engineers to get creative. Times are changing.