General Mill’s Mission for Packaging

General Mills plans to improve their company by improving their packaging. The main goal being to reduce their environmental footprint. A few goals have already been established in effort to make General Mill’s goals come true.

By 2015, General Mills plans to sell 40% of their products in packaging that has been improved over the base year of fiscal 2009. This will be working towards reducing their environmental footprint by using less packaging. To assess their improvement, four key indicators will be used: recycled content, renewable content, packaging weight and truck loading efficiency.

There are a few ways General Mills is already making progress. They have shrunk theNatureValleycartons by half an inch and the depth by a quarter of an inch. With this small adjustment to the packaging, an estimated 6.2 million pounds of paperboard per year are saved. Which equals out to be 13% less material used per package. Another simple improvement that has been made is the use of lighter plastic in the icing cups for Pillsbury Grands sweet rolls. This minor adjustment saves an estimated 600,000 pounds of plastic per year.

The small improvements General Mills has made and their plans for the future is a step forward in helping the environment. As more companies recognize the important difference they can make by implementing small adjustments, the world of packaging will become more eco-friendly. 


Mr. Bubble Turns 50!

The famous bubble bath product that we all know and love is celebrating its 50 year anniversary of filling bathtubs with bubbles and fun. Mr. Bubble was invented by Harold Schafer and the Gold Seal Company in 1961 and has been a household name for many since then. Mr. Bubble has made many improvements on its packaging over the years and to celebrate this milestone, Mr. Bubble is going to go through a packaging transformation. Mr. Bubble has been updated to be a more animated figure so that it can be more appealing to children. However, the new character will still maintain the nostalgia for the ones who grew up with Mr. Bubble years ago.

Throughout this year, all Mr. Bubble products will feature a birthday label to celebrate its 50-year history. Mr. Bubble will be surrounded by bubbles, balloons, streamers, and a birthday banner. The new packaging design features brighter colors and deeper dimensions to bring Mr. Bubble to life.