The Impact of Color in Packaging

When consumers reach for a product, the first thing they see is the packaging. We are a very visual society and we shop with our eyes. In order for a product to be considered for purchase, the packaging must grab the attention of the consumer. Consumers look for enticing and functional packaging. The strongest visual cue consumers use as a decision aid is color. Color is placed higher than texture or sound and smell, and is a primary reason a consumer buys a product.

Colors have different ways of inviting a consumer to buy. Have you ever wondered why clearance stickers are always red or why black portrays luxury? When colors are used in the right context, they capture the attention and mood of consumers. Colors have this amazing power of attracting consumers and influencing their behavior.

According to KISSmetrics, below are what colors mean:

Yellow: Optimistic and youthful; often used in window shopping
Red: Energy; creates urgency which is why it is used in clearance sales
Blue: Creates trust and security; associated with banks and businesses
Green: Easiest color for the eyes to process; used for relaxation
Orange: Aggressive; creates pressure to buy, sell, or subscribe
Pink: Romantic and feminine; used to target women and young girls
Black: Portrays powerfulness; used in marketing of luxury products
Purple: Soothing; associated with beauty products

It is interesting to know that colors affect how consumers buy. Packaging has a huge impact on consumers and colors should be taken into consideration when being designed.