Frozen Dinners Find New Sophisticated Packaging

Love Design Company took on the task of creating sophisticated packaging for Cook’s premium frozen ready meals. Love took the concept of a “special night in” and created wood carvings for the illustrations on the packaging. They also wanted to emphasize the fact that the meals are extremely gourmet and different from other frozen ready meals.

Something that makes Cook’s meals unique is the fact that they are handmade and not created by machines. Cook has been preparing meals in the UK since 1997 focusing on high-quality ingredients and sophisticated recipes.The companies believe that the packaging design and quality of the product can reach consumers in a way that corporate manufacturers can’t match.

More info? Check out Cook’s website here.

Inspiration for Packaging Design

Graphic design is one way that can really make packaging for your products stand out from the competition. It makes your packaging eye-appealing, thought provoking, creates brand identity, and can allow the consumer to focus on the product for a longer period of time. Effective packaging draws the consumer in while displaying the information about the product. This can be done with the tools of illustration, color, typography, the types of packaging materials used, as well as the form of packaging.

Especially when the market is doing poorly, it is important to be a step ahead of the competition and differentiate yourself by having creative packaging. You want to be the first to catch the consumer’s attention and have your product stand out on the shelf. If this is done effectively, you could increase your customer base and boost your sales. DzineBlog displayed many creative packaging designs to help give you inspiration:creative design canscreative packaging kitchen suppliescreative packaging bottles

creative packaging colored bottlescreative packaging and designcreative packaging jarscreative packaging evian waterCustomized and creative packaging can help your product stand out from the competition. If you would like help creating your own custom packaging, contact one of our Design Experts.